Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Weekend Editing Marathon

What's on your agenda this long weekend?  (Or if you're not in the states, what'cha up to?)

I will be spending the weekend editing.  Good thing it's raining and we didn't have any plans otherwise.  The whole weekend stretched out in front of me with nothing to do but edit this damn book...

Ack.  Can't think of it like that or I'll get all squirmy and wind up on Monday with nothing to show for these days but a whole boatload of television viewing.

And when I think of the amount of work ahead of me, a whole weekend of vegging in front of the TV doesn't sound half bad.  But no.  I told myself I would work.  I told numerous other people I would work.  Now I'm telling you I'm working, so if I get to Monday with no work done, feel free to berate me soundly.

With that, I'm off.  I will stop by throughout the next couple days to authorize comments, and maybe take little breaks now and then.  Other than that, though, I will be working.  On the recliner, but working.  With the TV on...  Because I work well that way.  (yeahyeahthat'stheticket)

Oh, and before I forget, I've got a published author scheduled for Monday's guest post at The Guide.  Make sure you stop by and see who it is.  (Bet you'll never guess.)


  1. Get to work!!!!!!!! ;-)

  2. *cracks whip* You better be pages and pages along! I'm hoping to finish up critique/edits on my CP's latest. I have revisions of my own waiting but I promised I'd hers done and back to her.

    Now get back to work! Break time is over. *waggles brows*

  3. I edit a big SFF newsletter and getting next month's issue is on the agenda for the weekend.

    The only other thing on my plate is doggie school for Nana. So far she's the star pupil. It almost seems like a waste of time to take her but I need to socialize her with outsiders.

  4. I got to work, JB. Tomorrow, I type in the edits for chapter one and most of chapter two (plus finishing edits chapter two and edit three.. plus maybe four if I can).

    I stopped to go grocery shopping, Silver. Geez. Then I got back at it. Promise. My hands and eyes are telling me I'm done for the night, though.

    Cool, Maria. And yay for Nana's doggie school.

  5. I edited, too! And helped my sister move to a new house, and attended my cousin's birthday, went to a yoga class and cleaned my house. Not overly relaxing, but fun :)

    Tomorrow is that Twitter pitch party and my son is graduating 5th grade, which I'm kind of having a meltdown about. Lots going on!