Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Things I Miss About Colorado

Nothing!  Hehe... Not seriously.  (Okay, a little seriously.  Colorado was NOT my favorite state to live in.)

1) Prairie Dogs.  I know they're a pain in the ass for a lot of people, but they're so damn cute.  And the only time I really got to see them was driving through the countryside.  They'd be standing on their little hind legs, staring off into the horizon.  So cute!

2) Western Kingbirds - or as we liked to call them "Giggle Birds".  The sound they make is like giggling.  I could never help but smile when I heard them.  Plus, they're aerial acrobats.  Watching them swoop and dive chasing after bugs was always a treat.

3) The few friends I made there. 

Right now, that's about it.  I'd miss the mountains, but we never really spent much time up there.  The only time I'd really see them was if I drove two hours, and then they were out on the horizon.  They were neat to see, but... eh.  The hills here are better. 

I might, somewhere down the road, miss the wide open vistas.  You really could see forever out there on the plains.  For now, though, I'm still immersed in being back amongst the trees again.  I LOVE trees.  Always have.  Always will.

Before we moved here, someone said something like "Why would you move to Missouri?  With the fire ants and all that humidity."  So far, no fire ants.  (I'm not even sure they have those here.)  As for the humidity?  I'm loving it.  I sure don't miss the dryness of the Eastern Plains.  I don't miss the dust.  I don't miss the wind. 

And if I turn this into a litany of the things I DON'T miss, we'll be here all day.

Colorado.  It's a nice place to visit.  Living there?  Meh.

What do you miss about the last place you lived?  How do you feel about where you live now?


  1. Glad you're so happy with the move.

    The mountains in Colorado ARE gorgeous, but I found driving across the plains to be sooooo boring, so I think I get where you're coming from.

  2. When my parents flew to Colorado in February on their way down here, mum said everything was so brown with nothing to really look at. *shrugs* Of course, that was just in the plane and at the airport--they didn't actually go explore the area.

    I'm not going to get into what I miss about Alberta vs Virginia lol. We don't have all day.

  3. One of my favorite places to live was Colorado Springs. I had the front range of the Rockies on one side and the plains stretching away on the other. It was perfect for me.

    I've been here for over 25 years now. Not the same house, but the same area. I suppose it's home and doesn't that just about sum it all up?

    That said, there's a part of me that would love to have a place in New Orleans in the French Quarter. It's hot, it's stinky, it's crowded--all things I hate but there's just something about the place that pulls at my soul...

  4. I liked Colorado Springs, but then I was on vacation so I'm assuming I only saw the best part of Colorado.

    I don't miss much from my last move, but I do get a little tired of driving 30 miles just to get one little thing I'd forgotten earlier.

  5. What do I miss from the last place I lived? Not much. Probably the two hour drive to the Gulf of Mexico. And that was the ONLY part of the Alabama/Florida area I liked.

    As for fire ants, I'm not sure Missouri would have those. Alabama and Mississippi for sure. Gah, I hated those things!

  6. =o) JB. And yeah, the mountains are beautiful, but as one woman I talked to here said, "Oh, so you didn't live in the PRETTY part of Colorado." No ma'am, I didn't.

    LOL Nat. Your mom had it right. Colorado from above - once you pass the mountains - is pretty uninspiring.

    CO Springs is part of the nice part of the state, Silver. Yep, 'home' does sum everything up. I'm home now.

    You did see one of the better parts of CO, Maria. I was always partial to Estes Park - on the north side of RMNP, but we only got up there a couple times in 9 years.

    Heh, Stacy, that's what I miss about my stint in Tallahassee. Being so close to the Gulf was amazing. The fire ants? Nope, don't miss those at all.