Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I have a lot of personal things going on right now - not all of which I'm at liberty to discuss, and a couple I wouldn't want to throw out into the world wide web anyway.  So, here's some randomosity for y'all...

If you didn't see me say this on Facebook yesterday, I managed to trace my ancestry back to the Mayflower (1620 for those like me who couldn't remember exactly when that ship landed).  John Howland came over by himself and Elizabeth Tilley came over with her parents.  They got married here and in 1623 had Desire Howland - my first relative of that branch born on North American soil.  Of course, both of Elizabeth's parents died in 1621, so they didn't get to meet Desire, but Pilgrim life was hard.  And sadly, Elizabeth also outlived Desire by 3 years.

I also found another Native American in the tree yesterday.  I traced back to a guy named Moses who married a gal named Massey.  Her surname was listed as 'White' in one place, and 'White Cherokee' in another and finally as Arnet.  When I searched the 'Arnet', I found her parents listed as 'White Cherokee' and 'Mourning Flowers'.  Mourning Flowers... how's that for a cheery thing to name your child?

In non-heritage news...

Ever just be writing along and realize somehow your character's day just got really short?  I mean, at the beginning of the chapter it was morning, and she finds out she's got to rush off somewhere, but in the short span of time it takes her to get there, night has already fallen.  Derp. 

Peanut butter mixed with caramel ice cream syrup makes a great dip for apples and bananas.

Jett's chocolate covered mini-marshmallows are not as good as they sound.  Somehow the process of mass producing them makes them all chewy and gross.

A butterfly can sit perfectly still on a dandelion for several minutes, but the second you go for your camera, it flies away.  This leads me to believe the butterflies around here are camera shy.

When you hear rushing water in the dark, don't assume your one neighbor is filling his pool.  Could be that the other neighbor is accidentally flooding his crawl space.  Oops.

What random things do you have for me this morning?


  1. There's no such thing as "too much" coffee

  2. One of Lawyer Guy's ancestors came over on the Mayflower.

    Coffee needs to be very hot, or very cold. Tepid coffee is just nasty.

    150-lb. dogs should NOT be afraid of thunderstorms, but they almost always are.

    I have to buy groceries today. *blerg*

    And speaking of photos, when the critters do something cute, there isn't a camera in site. How do people get all those YouTube videos?

    Is it the weekend yet?

  3. Hope the personal stuff isn't too taxing, B.E.! And fabulous discovery on the geneology front - amazing!

    Random - I put OJ in my cereal this morning - obviously unfocused today...the animals don't necessarily move when I get my camera, but I always seem to be without battery power...it's May 1st and I'm cold!

  4. I hope everything is okay? If you need to talk, I'm always just an email away =)

    I think your family history is so cool! It's making me want to dive into mine. Alas, I can't. I think my mum and Christopher would kill me if I took on yet another project before the wedding, LOL!

  5. JB - Agreed.

    Cool, Silver. We could be related. LOL I'll drink coffee no matter the temperature, but yeah, I prefer hot. Big dogs are big babies, but we love them. I have no idea how they get videos - I'm not that fast. And I wish.

    Not too taxing, Janet. Just a bit of a pain - which of course, I'm putting off for a few days. ;o) LOL about the OJ. Boo on the cold.

    Everything's fine, Nat, thanks for asking. I'll take you up on that if I need to vent, but right now you have more than enough to keep your vent meter topped out. Definitely wait until you're settled. Researching ancestry is time consuming.

  6. LOL, I loved your randomosities today! Butterflies are most certainly camera shy. I think they're camera allergic.