Thursday, May 10, 2012

Last Chance for Swag

Okay, I probably should've known better than to run a contest - because they never do well here at The Writing Spectacle - but I did throw one out there to celebrate reaching 30K pageviews on this blog.  If you haven't entered yet, you have until tonight.  And if you never do enter, here's what you're missing:

- a nifty plastic bookmark / keychain with a kick-ass message (I bought extras for myself and the Kid, I liked them so much)
- a couple trendy notepads - with cute sayings
- a totally cool purple & black metallic notepad holder with its own tiny pen  (gotta love the tiny pen)

So, if you haven't commented over there, comment here.  And as a special thanks for the people who commented on Thursday's post, if they comment here, too, they get an extra chance at the goodies.

Hey, it's my contest - I can stretch the rules if I want to.  (And no, running over to Thursday's post and commenting now won't get you anything special.  This only applies to comments made prior to now.)

Y'all have until midnight tonight.  Since I'm going to be out of town tomorrow, I'll post the winner either tomorrow night or Saturday.

Thanks again for stopping by.



  1. PURPLE! And notepads! That's almost as good as sticky notes! I can haz exclamation points? LOL

    Have a great time tomorrow! Safe trip wherever you're headed off to.

  2. Yay! Everything is swaglicious and cool. I want it all for myself, but hey, I know where to get it and I was hinting at the Kid that Mother's Day is this weekend. ;o)

    I'm headed up to get the Kid for summer break. I don't know how great a time it'll be, but she'll be home until August, so that's awesome.

  3. That's great swag! Count me in. (Again :-D )

    Say HI to the Kid for us, and have a great trip!

  4. OOOH def loving the swag! Have fun with the Kid!

  5. LOL... I agree with JB Lynn, "Swagalicious!"