Friday, May 25, 2012

Picture Pause - Bird 'Tude

We all know cats have attitude, but did you know birds can give you attitude, too?  This is a Western Kingbird, and yeah, he's giving me the 'tude.  But hey, as long as he's eating all the moths his little belly can hold, he can give me whatever attitude he wants.

(Of course, it could be giving me 'tude because I keep calling it a him and it's really a her.  If so, she needs to cut me some slack.  It's hard to tell with some birds.)

Have a great Memorial Day weekend if you're here in the states.  Otherwise, just have a great weekend.  ;o)


  1. Great pic, B.E.!

    We have a robin nesting in a snare of vines at the side of the house (honestly, the nest is only as high up as my hip - so I'm a little worried about the little birds when they hatch). I've been talking to her and she no longer flies away when I go out to the car and wish her a good morning. So cool!

    Have a great long weekend - ours was last week, wish we could have another one!

  2. I love bird 'tude! We have some jays that are downright cocky and a pair of chickadees that are fearless. Love watching them, even if I don't always know what they are! Have a safe and sane weekend.

  3. Hehehe, I love how you can see the 'tude.

    I hope you have a wonderful long weekend!