Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finding A Peaceful Place

Things around here are kinda crazy right now.  Personally, I'd like to go hide out at Mom's house for a month.  She's got a spare bed and she's the most relaxed person I know.  Total stress free human being.  Hell, even her heart attack a while back wasn't stress induced.  Of course, running away and hiding doesn't help.  Everything you want to escape is still there when you get back.  And you always have to go back eventually.

Yesterday I took off from the house for a little while.  I went for a walk and took the camera.  I didn't go very far.  I just walked the alleyways near the house, snapping pics of whatever caught my eye.  The above pic was a couple blocks from here and it's not of anything special, but it just looked so serene.  A peaceful place to escape to without actually leaving.

Another peaceful place I escaped to yesterday was into my novel.  I shut the world away into a little box and typed.  Sure, the writing itself wasn't serene or peaceful, but just being able to get away - even if I never actually left - helped.  Plus, I got 3000 words out last night, which always makes me feel good.

Where do you go when you want to run away but you can't actually leave?  Do you take a walk or can you escape into a book you're either reading or writing?  Do peaceful pictures help?


  1. I totallyl have comfort reads, my go-to HEA's when the jungle drums are pounding. Over The Edge, by Suzanne Brockmann does it for me, and Lover Awakened, by JR Ward.

    And I love the idea of going out and finding a mini-happy place via photography...even in the middle of a disaster area, there are snippets of beauty, you just have to frame it right!

  2. I love your photographs, B.E. Sorry your world is a tilt-a-whirl of crazy right now. My chicken soup read is NAKED IN DEATH. I know. Weird. Walks are good and I really should take my camera with me but if I walk, I have the dogs with me and 300 pounds of critter pulling opposite directions on two leashes does not make for focused photography. LOL Sometimes, I just get in the car and drive. Driving alone tends to help me clear my head and find inspiration or sort out things. Hang in there.

  3. I love that pic - the shadows of the leaves, the light - very nice!!

    Glad you could find a couple of get-aways! Stress is not fun - my way of dealing is, like Silver, get in the car and drive. There's a beach close to us that I love to go to...the waves washing up rhythmically and the smell of fresh is enough to calm me and puts everything into perspective. I also will try to exercise, but it seems when stressed that's the time I really don't want to.

    Hope you find some peace soon ((((hugs))))

  4. 3000 words! Woo hoo, that's fantastic!

    These days, I go to the gym when I need a break from home life. It's the one place where I can look like crap, get stinky and sweaty, and come home with a clear head.

    I wish I could take pictures, but I have no eye for it. I'm a terrible photographer!

  5. Yep, Teri Anne, there are bits of beauty everywhere if you know where to look and are open to them. =o)

    Thanks, Silver. I've never read Naked in Death, so I can't say whether it's weird. But hey, whatever works for you and who cares whether anyone else thinks it's weird. I hear ya about the dogs. When I had them, I know I couldn't have taken pics while walking them. I'm hanging in.

    Thank you, Janet. I'd get in the car and drive, but with gas so freakin' pricey, wasting gas driving around just adds to the stress. I'm trying to find my happy spot, don't worry. :hugs:

    Thanks, Jennifer. It felt good to just dive in and crank out the words - even if I was using it to escape. I wish we had a gym out here that didn't suck. I'd totally go.

  6. That's a very nice picture, Beth =)

    As you know, I've been really stressed too. I always try and calm down, but sometimes stress just catches up to you lol. I like to disappear into a novel or one of my own stories. Lately, I've been sitting out in our backyard, enjoying the nice weather, which has FINALLY graced us with its presence LOL.

    Awesome job on the word count, hun =)