Sunday, March 11, 2012

Burnet Onicapeo

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm really enjoying the new word verification system Blogger has foisted upon us.  (No.  Seriously.  That isn't sarcasm.)  I mean, sure, at first it irritated the crap out of me.  But since I can't beat it, I might as well join it.

So, I made a game out of it.  Now when I hit a blog with a difficult word verification, I challenge myself.  "Okay, Meissner," I says to myself, "see if you can figure this one out on the first try."  If I do?  Winner winner diet-friendly fish & veggies dinner. 

Life throws all sorts of irritating, difficult, annoying, time-consuming crap at us.  We can either let it bother us, we can go with the flow, or we can make a game out of it. 

Have you ever made a game out of something that annoys you?  

Thing 1: The title of this post is the word verification I caught when I commented this morning over at Paperback Writer.  Is it just me or does that sound like the name of some exotic CPA?  "If you're in East Timor and need your taxes done quick, call the offices of Burnet Onicapeo."

Thing 2: When I talk to myself, I still use my maiden name.  The Husband is Sanderson when he talks to himself, so if I was Sanderson, too, it would get confusing.  Besides, I've been calling myself Meissner for decades. Why stop now?


  1. OK, the title of your blog made me think of ONOMATOPOEIA - so I thought we were going to have grammar/English Language lesson ;)

    Great philosophy, B.E. - make a game out of stuff that bugs or distresses you (see my 49 Days of Failure is just like that). I'll try to have more fun with the bloggy word thingy (but I do hate it - and I got it wrong today; try again). Oh, and FYI, since Blogger changed stuff, I have no where to subscribe to comments by e-mail over here any more :(

    Happy Sunday, Meissner!

  2. Lmfao!

    I don't like the new verification either. It bugs me. But I also look at it like a challenge, LOL. There's nothing we can do about it, so why bother getting upset? It just takes time and energy.


    (My word verification for this comment is: ringiou wherep. At least... I hope that's what it is, LOL!)

  3. I hate it. And it hates me. Sigh. I'll try to follow your philosophy.

    Otherwise I use the handicapped version and try to type that fast. I don't normally consider myself handicapped, stiff fingers or not!

  4. HA! I had to look up which blog I was on for a second after you called yourself by your maiden name!

    And I wouldn't mind the verification if I could read it! Sometimes I can't figure out how I could possibly be wrong!!

    Also, I thought Burnet Onicapeo WAS a fish and veggie dinner!!!

    (mine is wareci systernbe, I think. we'll find out in a second)
    (nope. going with riessatt achemsea this time)

  5. This is hilarious! But I still choose to be annoyed, not necessarily upset. :)
    I think I'll turn it into a baseball game. Three strikes and I'm done. LOL.