Thursday, March 15, 2012

Step Away from the Keyboard

I wish I could say I've been absent because The Kid is home on Spring Break.  Sadly, no.  She's home but she's spent most of her time here in her room playing Mass Effect 3.  I see her for meals mostly.  Last night, we did spend some quality time talking, but that didn't really mean I would've spent that time here if I wasn't there.

No.  I made an unconscious (until now) decision to step away from the keyboard.  We're having a love/hate relationship at the moment that's more hate than love.  Sure, I try to make up with it, but really it's just being a bitch.  I sit down here with every intention of writing - whether it's real work or just a blog post - and I can't seem to make the words flow.  So, I'm blaming the keyboard. 


Well, I seem to be writing just fine over there on the couch with my trusty notebook and brand new red pen.  (It's a gel pen.  Oooo.)  The words are flowing - not quickly, mind you, but flowing just the same.  As long as I'm not sitting at this blasted piece of black plastic, that is.

Maybe the keyboard is pissed because my constant writing is rubbing its letters off.  E and N are completely gone.  A, S, D, C, R and M are bits of white on their black squares.  L, G, W and T aren't looking too good either.

:shrug:  Whatever the reason, we're kind of on the outs, my keyboard and me.  So I've stepped away.  Perhaps it'll stop being such a pissy twit if I leave it alone for a while.  Maybe after it sees me paying so much attention to my old friend notebook, it'll regret it's decision to turn on me. 

Until that time, though, I'm over there in the living room hanging out with the ones who really stand behind me - even when I've neglected them for so long. 

And psst, I hope the keyboard straightens out soon.  I don't know how much longer I can take writing by hand.  Plus, sooner or later, everything I write with notebook will have to be entered using keyboard.


  1. Too funny, B.E. I hope Keyboard comes around soon (she'll really be pissed if you have to transcribe a whack load of stuff into her - and the longer she holds out, the more you'll have to beat on her!). I'm glad to hear you are still writing, even if it is 'old school' :)

  2. I love writing by hand, because of that very reason. Eventually it has to get typed. It's like revising from the get go. I'm all for that extra layer of revising. Makes edits so much easier later.
    This is also why when I revise, I print out hard copies and make my changes by hand, then change things even more when I get to the computer. :)

  3. Aww, I hope you guys get back together soon!

    I stepped away from the computer totally for two days. They passed by really quickly! (and my N, A and E are almost gone on mine!)

  4. Ooooo gel pen ;)

    I was just thinking that I don't know how you write by hand. I can take notes by hand--but they're very messy and sometimes I can't read them later. But my hands, even after my two surgeries, just can't take writing for long periods of time.

  5. I hope you're not apart for too long. I've fallen out with my computer - it's too slow - but have a shiny new laptop and have transferred all affection to it.