Thursday, March 29, 2012

Picture Pause - Bob and Roberta

Since I'm still stuck in a non-writerly place, I'll keep offering you bits of my favorite hobby these days... photography.

Here's a robin I snapped last night.  I call him Bob.  (As in, the red, red robin goes Bob-bob-bobbin' along.)

And here's a shot of Mrs. Downy Woodpecker.  (I call her Roberta.  Yes, not seemingly original until you realize her full name is Roberta Downy Woodpecker - which makes her mate Robert, naturally.)



  1. Heheheh, I love how you name them. My mum names the squirrels =P

  2. Mrs. Roberta it :)

    Sorry to hear you're not in a writerly place, yet, B.E. - hope you find your mojo soon!!

  3. I name all sorts of critters, Nat, but most times only by their species. All Downy Woodpeckers are either Robert or Roberta. All Robins are Bob. We do have one nuthatch who stops by the feeder. His name is Oliver. =o)

    Robert and Roberta Downy Woodpecker (like Robert Downey Junior). When the Kid read my post this morning, she groaned over my bad joke. And no worries about the writing. It'll come if I just stop trying to force it.