Friday, March 2, 2012

Someone Needs to Tell...

Well, I had no internet access all morning, and the rest of the day was bleh from there.  On the upside, I spent enough time screwing off to present you with what I'm going to call 'Someone needs to tell'...

Some dorkbutt senator in Wisconsin wants to reword a law so it implies single-parenting is akin to child abuse.  I guess there are studies that show a higher percentage of single-parented kids get abused compared to double-parented kids, but someone seriously needs to tell this guy that CORRELATION IS NOT CAUSATION.  (And that senator guy needs to hook up with my daughter's first grade teacher so they can get therapy together.)

I don't know if any of you heard the story about the dog that fell in a lake, was rescued, and during his on-camera live interview bit the newswoman's face.  Yeah, she was the co-anchor for my lunchtime news here, so it was big news here, but my mom heard about it in Michigan, so it must've made national news.  Someone needs to tell her not to get all up in the face of a dog that doesn't know you - especially when it's a pit mix.  She may have wanted a poochy-smooch, but she's now undergoing a lot of surgeries to repair her mangled mouth.

(And before anyone jumps down my throat - I did the same thing with a Doberman Pinscher when I was like 12.  He bit me, too, but I got lucky and he didn't break the skin... Come to think of it, I did a similar thing with a German Shepherd when I was 15, and for that I have a lovely hand scar to remind me why I petting someone else's guard dog is a bad idea.  I guess someone needed to tell me something when I was younger.)

On a lighter note, a friend of mine took one of his kids to McDonald's for a Happy Meal - and it had EIGHT french fries.  Not a mistake - part of the chain's effort to make kids eat healthier.  Now, I know these friends and they don't let their kids lay around stuffing their faces with fast food.  This was probably a special treat for the kid.  And the poor little guy got screwed on the fries - supposedly because the chain was complying with some govt mandate.  Someone needs to tell McD's we don't appreciate getting shorted on the spuds, and someone needs to tell the government to butt the hell out of our Happy Meals.  Or should I call them UnHappy Meals?

And is it just me, or does someone need to tell the cruise lines that part of making money is making sure your customers survive their vacation?  First the Concordia sinks then its sister-ship the Allegra catches fire.  Umm, guys?  SAFETY FIRST.  Because like if you don't put safety first, you'll be seeing your profits come in dead last.

'Nuff said.  Carry on with your weekend festivities.


  1. As for people and dogs - I am the person who says to the bitee, "What did you do?" because dogs don't bite without cause! It pisses me off when dogs are blamed for biting (OK, there are some incidences, but most are usually the result of the dog acting naturally - and the person being an idiot!). I, too, was bitten - by our own dog because I was trying to haul him around in my arms (he didn't like that). I was only 5, he bit my eye, I still have the scar, I got spanked for not respecting the dog - lesson learned.

    As for children - some of the most well-adjusted, happy kids I taught came from single parent families (and one child who had gay parents). Coming from a two parent family does not mean it's all sunshine and lollipops!

    And some one ought to tell the powers that be that two day weekends are just not enough to rest and recuperate! Have a good one, B.E. (loved the post today)

  2. LMFAO! The last two were my favourites. The cruise ship thing just cracks me up--I mean, it's very sad and it's a tragedy for all who lost their lives. But really cruise lines? REALLY? Titanic was a hundred years ago and they're no better at preparing for disaster.

  3. I hope it was the stupid WI Senator and not the one I think is smart. SO HOPING!!! (about to look it up)

    If it helps - I work with a ton of single parents. In WI. And I also love dogs. (that helps, right?)

    AND I ALSO took my kid to McD's today and saw the weird fries. Luckily, they also gave us a bag of apple slices. YAY!! I kinda like the change to getting a little of both (although my kid was bummed he didn't get caramel. I told him they didn't have it anymore, but if you really wanted it, I bet you could ask).