Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Playing in my Head

For fun I'm going to try a new daily addition to the blog called "Playing in my Head".  I usually wake up with some song or other pumping through my brain, so I thought I'd share.

Today's would look something like this...

Playing in my Head: "Let Me Go" by 3 Doors Down.

It's not always a 'song' per se (for instance a couple days ago, I woke up with the old Coke commercial in my head), but posting the music in my head seems like a fun thing to do.  I'll try to put a link to some kind of video of the song or if not, the lyrics, along with a link to the band's website.

So, what's playing in your head today?


  1. MGMT's "The Youth". Whenever I listen to it I am doomed to days of it reverberating around my head. That, and Famous Footwear's damned back to school commercial.