Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Most Creatively Corrosive Element

If you don't read the Guide to Literary Agents blog, they have this regular post called 7 Things I've Learned So Far (link goes to the category, just in case you hadn't read them before).  Today's installment is from author Hollis Gillespie (who I've never heard of... sorry) and her #6 makes an interesting point I wanted to touch on today:

6. Fear is the most creatively corrosive element that writers have to face each day, and it comes disguised as so many things.

I've talked about fear before at my old blog ('Introspection Time' from 6/24/08 comes to mind) and I've talked about it here briefly.  Instead of rehashing the old fear thing again, let me turn it over to you...

What about this writing business are you most afraid of?  What fear sneaks up on you and jumps you from behind when you least expect it?  And finally, what do you do to combat the fear?


  1. Everything! Never getting another manuscript finished. Never getting published. If published, the fear that no one will like it. The fear that if I have to write more for a contract, I won't be able to. Oh, and just the simple fear of not being a writer - just pretending to be one.

    It really does stall a person. Yes, I'm a fan of Guide to Literary Agents. Now, I'm off to read your previous post on fear.

  2. And now I'm back - wow, what a great post! Yes, yes, yes - and perfect for this day of talking about the 'couch', eh?

    I need to do some introspecting - there's got to be something deep down that's stalling my efforts to take this career and run with it. More than just the fear I mentioned in my first comment.

    Thanks, B.E.

  3. Hang in there, Janet. You can kick fear's ass. I know you can. =o)