Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cats and Edits and Explicit Lyrics

It's Sunday and Kira cat woke me up at quarter to five wanting to be fed.  Then I went outside for a cigarette and some java whereupon Max also wanted to be fed.  I love my cats, but on mornings like this, I'm sorry I ever taught my cats to meow when they're hungry.  (Okay, so maybe all cats do that, but I used to encourage it.  This morning, I'm kicking myself for that.)

On the bright side - if it can be called that - I can get right back into my re-font edits.  I got five chapters done yesterday.  Since it takes about an hour a chapter, I think that's an honest day's work.  (Maybe that means Kira's got my writerly interests at heart...  Yah, right.)

And the whole time I was editing I listened to my Pandora cranking out stuff like this...

Playing in my head: Standing in the Shower... Thinking by Jane's Addiction (Warning: Explicit lyrics - well, actually not as explicit as I've always thought...  who knew they were saying 'piping hot'?)

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  1. I love the names of your cats!! Just thought you should know :) Hope you have a great Sunday!