Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of School

Today is the first day of school at the Sanderson Home School.  It's the first day of the last year, as a matter of fact.  In honor of this momentous occasion, I woke up feeling like something the cat dragged out from under a bus. 

The jury's still out whether this was caused by nerves over the prospect of my daughter starting her senior year or by that truly awesome but incredibly greasy fried chicken I had last night.  (Seriously the best tasting chicken I've had in as long as I can remember, but since I changed my diet, greasy and I don't get along.  I never should've eaten the skin.) 

Anyway, this semester's schedule looks something like this:

Algebra II
Algebra II
Intro to Management

Yep, Daughter wants to keep her internship going through the school year.  As long as her grades stay up and she's getting her assignments in on time, I'm cool with it.

And yes, you do see two sections of Algebra in there.  Due to an error on the part of the teacher (namely me), last year's math was Business Math and I found out over the summer that doesn't actually count as a math with most colleges anymore.  Go figger.  So, we're cramming two years worth of math into one year.  Algebra II this semester, Trig next semester.  Yay.   (It's broken into two sections because Daughter just can't see herself surviving a two-hour block of math straight through.  I don't have the heart to remind her some college courses are two-hour blocks.)

One more year.  A good friend of mine asked me what I was going to do next year - after Daughter's off to school.  My answer: Write more.  We'll see how that goes.  ;o)


  1. Lmao I've had 4 hour classes in college, so she might want to prepare herself for that ;)

  2. It was the three hour classes twice a week that wore me down, especially in keeping my focus.

    My hat's off to you for your hard efforts, Roland

  3. DD is starting 9th grade this year. We're giving the Florida Virtual School a try, in part because she will need lots of lead-in time before trying dual-enrollment, or even regular community college.

    She's taking
    World History
    Algebra I
    Earth/Space Science

    It's a big adjustment for her in lots of ways. And for us too for that matter.

    Hope the year goes well for you and K!