Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekly Update, Saturday Edition: Excuses, Excuses

Okay, so I've been bad little monkey this week - at least with regard to blogging, and a little in the writing department, too.  I suppose I could blame it on my minor hand injury Wednesday night, but that's just too lame.  There really isn't a good excuse, but here are my excuses anyway...

Lame Excuse #1: I was playing with... err, I mean setting up my new toys.  MS Office Pro finally arrived and it's friggin' awesome.  Sure, the new feel of the programs will take some getting used to.  The functions I use all the time are in different locations, so that stuff is not automatized for me anymore.  (Thank goodness the keystroke functions still work.  Alt-E-G is my main thing.)

Lame Excuse #2: I was pulling weeds.  If you remember my Dandelion Post, I have to kill them all or get ticketed.  Well, I killed them all and it left my yard looking like a post-apocalypse nightmare.  I had more weed corpses than grass.  So, I started pulling up all the dead things.  Thus far, I've filled three tall kitchen garbage bags with wilted dandelions, and I'm not done. 

Lame Excuse #3: I fall down and go boom.  How about 'I had a boo-boo'?  Yeah, it tweaked a little when I typed right after it happened.  And yeah, I aggravated it a little on Thursday when I was helping a friend by pushing an overloaded cart through Sam's Club.  Still, I could've gotten some words written if I really wanted.

Lame Excuse #4: It was season finale week for a couple of my favorite shows, and Biggest Loser is down to the final four.  (Go Michael!) 

What does any of this amount to?  Oh, about 9400 words written when it should've been more like 15K.  And what kills me is that I'm at a crucial point in the new storyline for DLN, so on the days I actually wrote, I was burning up the pages.  I'm feeling really good about the direction I've got this going in now.  Although...  I'm feeling like where I'm at in the story should be a little farther along than it is.  Like another 10-15K farther along.  :shrug:  I'll work it out - probably in  the next draft.

So, how have things been in your world lately?

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