Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oomph She Got Me

LOL, I'm hit!  This morning Natalie tagged me for a little meme. Looks like five questions, with five answers each.  I'm up for it.  Are you?  ;o)

Here goes...

Question 1: Where were you five years ago?
- About a half mile from here.
- Finding out we had to move because our landlady sold the house we were living in.
- Enjoying the start of my second year of married life.
- Angsting about writing my second book.
- Getting started homeschooling for the second time.  (We homeschooled for a little of 4th grade in FL - until we had to move to UT.)

Question 2: Where would you like to be five years from now?
- Agented
- Published
- Living in OK, MO, AK or TX with my retired husband
- Writing to a contract
- At least ten pounds lighter

Question 3: What is (was) on your to do list today?
- Watering the lawn was on my list, but I woke up to big grey clouds and the smell of rain
- Write at least 1500 words
- It's Wednesday, so that means... Laundry!
- Finish the book I'm reading - Gena Showalter's latest Lords of the Underworld
- Download the pics from my new camera, and install the software for my old camera so I can download those, too

Question 4: What five snacks do you enjoy?
- Ice cream
- Baked Ruffles
- Homemade trail mix (almonds, cashews, peanuts, dried berries, and white chocolate chips)
- Cheese
- Anything chocolate

Question 5: What would you do if you were a billionaire?
- After my husband quits his job, I'd buy an island for us to live on.
- Outfit said island home with all the latest technology
- Adopt as many animals as I could reasonably care for and love - even if I have to hire someone to help.
- Send Daughter to the best business university in the country (Right now, Virginia for undergrad, and then Harvard for graduate studies.)
- Keep writing - and if no one offers me a contract, I'll just buy a publishing company and have them print my books for me.  (Hey, it's a fantasy world.  I can buy whatever I want.)

I guess at this point, I'm supposed to tag five other people.  I'm not much on tagging, but if you want, feel free to play along.  Just make sure you say so in the comments, so everyone knows how to find your answers.

Thank again, Natalie.  This was fun.

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  1. Lol you're welcome.

    Does she want to go to University of Virginia? Christopher's little brother Adam starts there in the fall. UVA is VT's rival (where Chris went), so game days in their house are going to be fun!