Saturday, May 29, 2010

Picture Pause

Direct from my new camera...  Okay, so I edited the pictures for size.  I'm still learning about the camera, so these pics were like 2meg each.  Not blog friendly, lemme tell ya.  Rather than talk your ears off, here's a couple new pics...
The above wasn't quite what I was going for, but I ran out of memory on the new camera.  (More about that another time.)  And then I switched to the old camera and fell on my hiney.  C'est la vie.  It's still a pretty nice shot, even if it's not perfection. 

This was taken just outside of town.  The full size version is more awesome, but with blogs, I'll take what I can get.

I also took some good pictures of Daughter, but she'd kill me if I posted them here.  She already has to deal with the fact that I emailed them to my mother - who will share them with the rest of the family.  And of course, she took some pics of me.  (Note new profile pic.  Yeah, it's still grayscale, but I think I look better without color.)

Did I mention how much I love MS Office 2007?  It has this Picture Manager program that's perfect for tweaking photos for the web.   

Enjoy your holiday weekend, y'all.  I'll still be around, but if I don't see you, Happy Memorial Day. 


  1. Love your iris! Mine have long since dried up and blown away. It's summer in Texas - we're flirting with 100 today.

  2. I like the photos. I'm hopeless at editing pictures. I do get it eventually, but it always takes time.

  3. The Iris is wonderful - although I still think of the boys destroying it and you going all 'crazed flower lady' on them :)

    And great new profile pic - noticed it right away.

    Have a great long weekend and I look forward to more pics on your blog.