Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Borrowing a word and stealing an idea from Jennifer Lyon today, I thought I'd devote a post to Randomosity.  (A word my spellchecker is having trouble with, but screw it.)

Today's randomosity...

Yesterday afternoon, we had a wind storm.  It beat holy hell out of my irises, dumped leaves and tree seeds all over my yard, and ravaged the tree across the street.  I spent a chunk of the morning cleaning up only to be told the wind is making an encore appearance this afternoon.  Bleh.

Speaking of irises, I had to go screaming chicken (or as Daughter calls it - psycho middle-aged mom) on some boys the other day.  They were walking down the sidewalk in front of my house and for some reason decided it would be fun to beat on my beautiful irises.  I heard them out there and tore out the front door.  Sure enough, I had petals and blooms all over my driveway.  So, of course, I cracked and started shouting at them. I've been nursing those damn things for weeks and they were just perfect.  (And yes, these are the same flowers I hurt myself trying to take a photo of.)  Between the kids and the wind, they just look like shit now.

Daughter took her practice ACT for English yesterday and got a 36 on the reading portion!  She did miss one question, but that's a perfect score.  I'm so totally proud of her.  She also improved her grammar and mechanics score by one point from the last practice test she took.  What a kid.  :beams:  Now we just have to see where she's at with Math and Science. 

Join me in wishing her success for her actual test on June 12th.

So, do you have anything to contribute to today's Randomosity?  Go ahead.  You know you wanna.  =o)

ETA: She finished the rest of the practice test and came up with a composite of 30.  Just over two weeks until the real deal.  She's hoping to bring the score up to at least a 32.


  1. I’m sorry about your flowers =( My mum has a similar problem, except it’s the wind and the squirrels, lmao. Not quite the same as dumb boys, but close ;)

    Woohoo about your daughter! That's great =) I'm sure she can make a 32 no problemo!

  2. Your daughter's doing very well - I'll wish her luck for the real deal (she sounds like a confident, smart young woman - you should be proud of your role as prime educator, B.E. :)

    Did the boys at least feel bad for what they did or did they just look at you like you had lost your mind? I love Iris - too bad the boys and the wind did them in this year.