Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quickie Post

Quickie post - one handed.  Trying to shoot the perfect picture of an iris after a rainstorm w/ the sunset behind it, my legs failed to keep me upright and I ended up on my ass on the sidewalk.  I'm not broken, but I pulled something in my left hand.  Everything works, but it hurts a little when I type, so I'm taking it easy.

And I dropped my camera - the old one, thank goodness. The new one was out of memory and I didn't want to miss the shot because I took the time to download.  BTW, the old camera is a little dented, but working fine.

Worst thing?  I didn't even get the damn shot, and I totally missed getting any photos of the rainbow that showed up right after that. 

Anyway, that'll teach me.  I'm not as young or as flexible as I used to be, and I should know better.  Still, a perfect picture's worth it.  Oh, the things I do for my art.  ;o)

Have a great night, everyone and I'll be back tomorrow - maybe with pics. 


  1. Take care of that hand, B.E. - takes a long time to type a manuscript with one hand.

    Glad both you and your camera were not terribly hurt - sorry you didn't the your picture!

  2. Ouch, sounds painful. Hope your hand is better soon.