Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekly Update

And it's been a week worth updating.  This week started the whole NaNo hoopla, and I jumped in with both feet.  Here's the breakdown...

11/1 - 1762
11/2 - 1885
11/3 - 989
11/4 - 2423
11/5 - 2807

Which leaves my November total so far at 9866 words.  That's 19.73% of the way through to 50K, and puts me at 1531 words ahead of where I should've been for last night.  By the end of tonight, I need to hit at least 10002 words to stay on track, but since that's only a little over a hundred words, I'm shooting for 11500, at least.

Of course, this WIP was already in progress when I started November.  The book itself just rolled over 31K words!  (Almost 40% of the way done on an 80K word manuscript.)  At this rate, I will have the first draft completed by the end of the month and if I push, the first round of edits should be done by the end of the year.  Yay.

In other news, yesterday's 2800 word blow out has left me with swollen, hurtiful* hands.  All together now... Awwwwwww.  As sick as it sounds, I'm reveling in my pain.  No gain, no pain - and last night's extra 1300 words was definitely a gain.  And I wasn't planning to write that much.  By dinner last night, I was already over 1500 words.  I thought I'd just write a few paragraphs, hit my goal, and spend the rest of the night reading Gena Showalter's Intertwined.  So much for the best laid plans of mice and writers.  Before I knew it, I'd spent an hour here at the computer and I had most of the next scene written.

In other other news, Darling Daughter has joined in the insanity and is doing NaNo herself.  She even signed up for the NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program.  She's started several books before, but she's never committed to finished any of them.  This time she has a really awesome premise and she wants to see the book completed.  Of course since she really hasn't done this before, she committed to 24K this month rather than 50K, but I think that's awesome.  Go Baby Go!  Last night, she even raced out of her 'office' and jumped around about the word count she reached.  (I'll let her share in the comments if she wants to.)  I'm so proud.  =oD

How's this week been for you?  

*Hurtiful - you know, like prettiful or smelliful.  I can make up whatever words I want, so there.  =op


  1. Not good, not good at all. If you count the words I'd already written, I'm on track with twelve lovely single spaces pages.

    Actually, it isn't so bad. I'm writing more than word vomit, and I like the flow and structure of the first two chapters.

    Maybe I can make up for my productivity this weekend...

  2. WOOOHOOO! Go B.E. Go! (Ahh, that sort of failed. Bethy would work more. Like: GO BETHY GO!)


    Yay for the daughter! I hope the words keep coming!!!

    And yes, making up words is our Right as writers.

    Btw, I gave you an award. Yes, another one. If you stopped being so gosh darn lovely, I'd stop giving them to you. Seeing as how I doubt that'll happen anytime soon, suck it up. =D