Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No Effects Included

I had a beautiful post half-written in my head last night, but like so many other ideas, it was lost to the land of Nod.  Instead, check out this awesome picture I took the other day.  It's straight from the camera - no effects included.  The sky really did look like that.

If I ever remember what I wanted to say, I'll put it up later.  Meanwhile, have a lovely day, everyone.  =o)


  1. Gorgeous picture!!!
    And good job with the word count so far!!! =]


  2. Beautiful. It does look to perfect to be straight off the camera.

  3. oh, if only I could remember half the blogs written in the creases of my brain!

    ps - congrats to you on figuring out how to get the NanaoWrimo counter on your blog. I'm inept!