Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oatmeal Head

I'm here at the computer.  For how long is anyone's guess.  Anyway, I'm sorry if last night's post was a little weird.  I took one of my prescription pills* and I was a little stoned - still am, which is why I don't take those things often.  Needless to say, I won't be driving anywhere any time soon.

What I meant by 'my hip blew out' was that I turned to walk out of the kitchen after setting down a load of groceries and it felt like someone stabbed me.  Then I couldn't really put any weight on my leg, so I hobbled to the couch and laid there until it stopped spasming.  Unfortunately every time I sat up, the spasms would start again.  Basically if I wanted to go anywhere I had to roll from lying on the couch to where I could push myself into a standing position - without bending at the hip.  It probably looked hilarious - like some demented cross between a turtle and a penguin. 

So, now I'm sitting here hoping that when I try to get up I don't fall over - either from the hip thing or the med thing.  Man, I hate this junk.  Every thought is like swimming through a vat of oatmeal.  Bleh.  Why anyone would do this to their brain for kicks is beyond me.  Can't drive.  Can't write.  Can't even really read because my eyes aren't focusing right yet.  Stupid meds.  Yesterday was a symphony of watching the same old Animal Cops Detroit reruns (like I haven't already seen all of those twice), MASH and Friends.  If I'm still couch-bound today, I'm sticking a DVD in.  (Wish I'd thought of that yesterday, damn it.)

Anyway, enough whining.  Tell me something good.  How's your writing going?  Any exciting news to share?  I won a cover flat for Monica McCarty's upcoming historical release The Chief.  It's so pretty I had to frame it and put it on the bookshelf near my bed.

*My meds aren't even anything harsh - just an anti-inflammatory packed with a stomach med to prevent ulcers - but since my accident, I'm super sensitive to meds.  Tylenol PM knocks me right out, and Alka Seltzer Cough & Cold makes me giggle.


  1. Oh - how funny!! You have to read my blog about the meds I just handed to my husband.



  2. Hugs! I knew exactly what you meant by blowing out your hip. I hope you feel better soon!

    > Alka Seltzer Cough & Cold makes me giggle.

    This gave me a giggle!

  3. I hope you feel better. For what it is worth,buzzed or not, your article was well written. I enjoyed it.

    Get well soon

  4. Aww hun! -hugs- You just take it easy. I hope everything heals up soon!!!

    And I just got my cover flat from Monica too! Love it! So pretty =]