Thursday, July 18, 2019

Thursday This n That

I've been watching the game show The Chase lately.  I totally rock it most days.  Some days I can't get the answer out of my mouth in time, but hey, that's fine.  It's not like I'm actually on the show or anything.  And The Beast?  Big, nerdy, teddy-bear even if he is a little growly sometimes.  I love it.  I could totally hang with that dude.

While working on deeper edits for UatB, I found two tiny typos in SU.  Ugh.  They're fixed and uploaded now, but geez.

Got some good news last night, but I don't have the okee doke to share it publicly, even if it was shared on FB - but not 'public', only 'friends'.  Not my page, not my news.

It's been a week of busting my ass this week.  More on that Sunday.

I don't think I drink enough water, especially now that it's hot.  And it is HOT right now.  Blerg.

We spotted a new pair of fawns.  They're noticeably new fawns because they're so tiny compared with the other two sets we have.  So, near as we can figure, eight fawns so far this year.  Yay.

Oak mite bites suck.  They are the itchiest bites I've ever gotten.  Bastards.  I just researched oak mites... You don't want to know.  They're totally gross.  And I am totally itchy just thinking about it.

Years ago, I interviewed for a job in Baltimore.  They offered me the job.  At the time, though, it ultimately wasn't enough in compensation package to make me move from FL.  I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if I'd taken that job.  Regional Sales Manager... I sure as hell wouldn't be a hermit, lemme tell ya.  Plus, I'd be city folk.  And then there's the whole living in Baltimore thing... :shudder:  So happy I didn't go that route.

Okay, I think that's all I've got today.  How about you?

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  1. Ah, the road not taken... Oak mites *shudder*

    I'm 8K (approximately) from The End. I gotta get off the net and get words down. Except I've got a pivotal scene that has to be fixed (reworked on motivation) and the exact right spot found for it. Driving me crazy. Yeah, yeah. Short trip, I know.

    Have a "private" meeting with my editor set for next week. We'll see each other at the convention a lot but not one-on-one, except this time Only is included and we're headed to a place that is not for public consumption but totally squee-worthy.

    I discovered 3 pairs of black jeans that now fit. I don't have to shop for the trip, unless I see a cute blouse or something, not that I can afford it.

    Loki is back to normal. Vet pleased at his follow-up appointment yesterday. He got his first set of kitten shots. Get next set in 3 weeks, and a month after that, gets his rabies.

    Jake pouts when I don't take him in the car. And I feel guilty. But it's too freaking hot unless I 1) going through a drive-thru or 2) picking up a pizza that is pre-ordered, made, and paid for so the car doesn't have time to cool off from running the AC on high all the way there. No doggos or kiddos in hot cars! And yes, I have a window punch on my key chain for that very scenario.

    Which reminds me. I need to take it off my keychain and hang it with my "bulb light" on my purse so I can take it with me. It also has a seatbelt cutter so I'll have to send it in my checked bag.

    And...I think I'm done. I gotta get of the net and seriously stare at that scene. It ain't gonna magically fix itself. Which is totally unfair of the Writing Fairies.

    Later, tater.