Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Feeling a Little Bipolar

For the record, I am not actually bipolar.  I'm just crazy.  Ba dump bump.  But seriously, folks.  Lately, I've been swinging from Positive Polly to Negative Nelly like a monkey in the trees.  But not half as much fun, trust me.

Last night, I was ready to write a post thanking you all for your support and then telling you all that I freaking quit.  I was done.  Can't handle this crap for another friggin' day.  Gonna crawl into a hole and pull the dirt in over myself.  Enough already.

I did not write that post.  Instead, I went for a hard-target walk to try and get out of my own head for a minute and gain some perspective.  (Hard-target walk = keeping the same pace regardless of incline.  Did over a mile in 22 minutes.  Hubs was impressed.)

With the muscles in my legs sufficiently burning, and tired enough to sleep like a freakin' lump of dirt, I swung back the other way.  Weeee.  I woke up sufficiently refreshed to not slit my writing wrists.  I'm not promising that I'm refreshed enough to light a fire under my dead ass, but I'm also not done yet. 

Seems like I went through this last week, too.  Which got me to feeling I'm a little bipolar right now.  And thinking you may have noticed it in my recent posts.  I'm up and waving pompoms one minute, down and wallowing in the dirt the next. 

Sorry about that.  But it is life and junk, and I try to be honest here on the blog.  When things suck, I talk about it.  When they don't, I talk about that, too.  Just out here giving one writer's perspective on this stuff.

Anyway, this morning I set up a slew of sales for July, and I'll be looking into some marketing later today.  I'll talk more about that tomorrow on OTB. 

And now, to start the day and get my chores done before I have to call the office.

What are you up to today?  Ever feel a bit bipolar? 


  1. Every. Single. Day. And I'm right there with you but the characters in my head won't shut up when I consider quitting. But when I sit down to write? Crickets. Mothergoosers. I will figure it out. I keep telling myself that I'm at 65% on the curren book and then I'm going to do something totally different--quick, fun, new characters (mostly) for one of the "fanfic" worlds (due in like late November but will be a shorty so hey...).

    But yeah. I feel ya, darlin'. Wish I could come hang out on the deck drinking coffee and watching the wildlife with you.

    Hang in there. And you knw where to find me virtually. *hugs*

  2. Yeah, I've been there. Lately I'm just a dull plodder, and I miss the highs I get with a ton of words written. Don't miss the lows, though.

    Hang in there. Maybe walk a little more often. Exercise is supposed to stimulate the brain! :-)