Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 43

So, here we are again.  Week 43.  Time's really flying by toward the end of this year.  Whoa.

I wrote about 7K new words this past week.  Not really burning up the keyboard, but making progress.  Still not quite ready to talk about it. 

In other book news, I'll be having a Kindle Countdown Deal for Wish in One Hand Thursday - Saturday, with some advertising going out on Bargain Booksy on Friday.  It'll be 99 cents all three days.

Started the raking project for Fall 2016.  I swear that oak tree grew twice as many leaves this year as last year. 

Speaking of raking, while I was out yesterday morning, I raked some leaves toward the big pile and a little gray furry critter scurried out between my feet.  It ran around in terrified little circles.  At first I thought it was a mole, and I was inclined to send it to its maker, but I couldn't bring myself to smash its little head, so I herded it toward an area I wouldn't be raking in yet and it hid under that side of the big pile of leaves.  Later, I did some research and found it was a shrew.  That's the first time I've seen one of those alive.  The other ones I've seen were dead and covered in Max slobber.

Speaking of Max, he'll be gone one year this coming Friday.  =o(

Did a lot of fishing this past week.  Didn't catch a ding-dang thing.  Which reminds me, I started doing a fishing report on Saturdays.  The maiden post is here.  I didn't catch anything, but the weather was beautiful and Hubs came with me sometimes, so it was all good.  I saw bunches of migrating unidentifiable waterfowl.  And I happened upon some mink tracks in the sand - which was pretty cool.

I didn't do much reading.  The only thing of note is that I started Jennifer Lyon's Savaged Surrender.  It has characters from her Plus One Chronicles, so I can't wait to really get into that.  The problem is, I'm really into my WIP right now, so that story is kind of making it hard to read other stories. 

Yesterday, on a whim, I made a chocolate cake (Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge box mix, so don't be too impressed.)  Then, after dinner yesterday, I made homemade peanut butter frosting without a recipe.  Haven't had any yet, so don't be impressed there either.  I'm just happy it set.

That's it for me.  What's up with you?


  1. Oh...just the usual. Chaos. Pandemonium. Insomnia... LOL

    I didn't get any writing done this weekend either. Some changes in the schedule cropped up and I had to deal with other things but it's all good. I loved Jen's new book. I finished off an audio book that I probably would have tossed on the DNF pile if I was reading it. It was a long, slow tale but I was sort of interested in how it ended. Hard to jump and skim in audio version. Then I jumped into Michelle Sagawa's latest Chronicles of Elantra book, CAST IN FLIGHT. I enjoyed it but I don' think it was quite as good as others in the series. Now I have to wait a year for the next one, which means I'll be doing a reread before hand. I finished the previous book in a marathon read a couple of months ago and was having trouble remembering characters when just their names were tossed out with no context.

    Oh, and World Serious. And football. And catching up on emails and blogs. Now I need to write mine for tomorrow.

  2. Mmmm on the cake! Box made is yummy too and peanut butter frosting from scratch? Noms!

    Aw poor wee shrew. Our kitties brought us one years ago and let it loose in the house. I'm not ashamed to admit I squealed when I first saw it. lol