Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Change Weirds Me Out

I rearranged my desk yesterday.  I had a crick in my neck and looking to the right to see my monitor wasn't helping, so I switched everything from one side to the other.  Now my monitor is on the left side of my desk, which is right in front of where I sit.  No neck craning.  Yay. 

But I have this thing that happens when I move things around.  You see, I like things the way they are.  Always.  I'm not a big fan of change.  (Who is?)  So when I do move things around, it's all weird and strange for a while afterwards. 

When it was a big move - like from house to house when I was in CO - this strangeness would derail my writing for days afterwards.  I just couldn't seem to get in the groove.  And we moved three times while I was there.  Bleh.

Then we moved here to MO.  Now, that was a big derailment.  Talk about a change of scenery.  But I eventually got over it and got back to work.

This?  This is nothing really.  I was a little weirded out yesterday morning after I did it.  I got over it and did get some work done last night.  (Not much.  Turns out it wasn't the monitor position harshing my neck.)  It only served as a reminder of what happened before and provided a jumping point for this blog post. 

I don't like change.  Not at the time.  However, change is a good thing.  The change from living in CO to living here in MO was AWESOME.  Some things took a little getting used to - driving in hilly country as opposed to flat, way more rain here than in CO, trees everywhere - but it's better here.  And I think having my monitor over here instead of there is a better change, too.  It just weirds me out a little.

How do you handle change?  Do you embrace it as it happens, or do you embrace it after you get used to it? 


  1. I'm a stick in the mud. And lazy. I don't like change because it means extra work. Changing things around only affects me in that I have to remember where to put (and where I put) stuff.

  2. In the back of my mind I picture myself being this bohemian, spontaneous, travel on a whim young lady. But, I like to know what's coming at me. I have expectations now. The unknown is exciting but scary and taking that leap of faith sometimes offers the sweetest rewards!!!

  3. My first response to someone saying "Let's change xxx" is to say: "No!" Usually, given enough time, I'll say, "Oh, all right." It took me months to decide to rearrange my desk.

    I'm with Morgan. I'd love to think of myself as spontaneous. Give me enough time, and maybe I will be. Sort of. ;-)