Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 41

If you're here for the writing updates, I have none this week.  Sorry.

If you're here because you also like the other updates, then here ya go...

So, I've been doing a lot of reading lately.  Mostly old spy and crime novels.  Three of those in the past week.  The Matt Helm I mentioned last week.  A Remo Williams (if you haven't read a Remo Williams, you're missing out).  And one I don't think is in a series, but I'm not sure - The Black Shrike by Alistair MacLean.  That one kind of blew me away and I'm still recovering.

I did some fishing last week, too.  In fact, I spent around 7 hours fishing on Thursday.  I went out by myself for 4 hours in the morning.  Hubs decided he wanted to go fishing, too, so we went for a few hours that afternoon.  I caught two big panfish for the freezer and a lot of too-small fish.  The 13.5 inch largemouth I had to throw back was a lot of fun to catch, so it's all good, baby.

Somehow the mice have found a new way into the house.  I suspect they're squeezing themselves through a crack I found along the wall that separates the office (an addition to the house) and the house proper.  I spent yesterday morning removing all the books from my 'classics' shelves, moving the bookcase, and then stuffing steel wool into that crack.

I also made chicken noodle soup yesterday from what was left of the chicken I crockpotted a couple days ago.  Lunch!  With four containers' worth leftover for future lunches.

I had planned to do some garden work, but meh. This summer a possum had gotten into my sedums and ripped them apart.  I thought I'd see if they would take root in water.  They did.  Now I have all these pieces that need to be shoved into dirt at some point before winter arrives.  Maybe tomorrow.  If I don't go fishing.

What happened in your week last week?


  1. Uhm...words. Frustration. Words. A new release. Wasted time. Making friends with the feral cat I'm feeding, worrying about the 4 other feral cats I'd been feeding that seem to have disappeared. More words. LOL I'll be bleeding words from now until...months form now. At least I finished one project and I'm actually looking forward to diving into the next one. It's only three chapters and a short synopsis for a proposal. And there is post season baseball. I can cheer on all the teams this time, even though my beloved Cards didn't make it in.

  2. Hugs on not making the progress you'd like. But stories are percolating at the back of your mind, and they'll reach out and grab you one day soon. Have that computer ready to receive words! :-)

    More hugs on mice. Little monsters!

    I'll look for Remo Williams. Thanks for the tip!

    I got more done this week than I expected, but less than I wanted. Too much other stuff happening, including some that will bring in a little money.
    Not to mention I burned myself out on that 6 page spree, and had to resort to nonfiction for a couple of days. I'm back on track now, I hope.

  3. It would drive me crazy to have a mouse in the house. I don't like surprises.

    Can you borrow a mouser?

  4. I was on holiday last week. I took myself off to Somerset and stayed in an apartment attached to a gorgeous Georgian house set in rolling countryside. God it was beautiful. I climbed Glastonbury Tor (nearly killed myself as I'm so out of shape), wandered around Bath, attended a church service in Wells Cathedral and generally awed myself with history. The weather was nice too. I'm a bit of a Georgette Heyer fangirl and wandering around the Royal Crescent & Laura Place in Bath was such fun. I even treated myself to breakfast in the Pump Room!! Good week away, but internet was very spotty so I'm just catching up with you now.