Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 40

Only twelve weeks left in 2016.  If you have anything you want to do this year, you've got 12 weeks to do it. 

On that note, I have very little to report for week 40.  I haven't touched Wish Hits the Fan.  It'll happen.  Just not right now. 

I did do some work on Fear Itself.  I've redone up to page 46 now.  I also downloaded some art for the cover, but I haven't done anything with it.  I don't have a clear idea of the cover concept yet.  Comet, observatory... something. 

I went fishing Thursday morning and Friday afternoon.  On Thursday I caught a few fish, but no keepers.  One largemouth was like 14.99 inches.  (I swear, the tail was this close to the 15" line I could've wept.)  Friday afternoon, I talked Hubs into going out with me.  We caught some more 'under the limit' bass.  Soon, the bigger bass will be coming closer to shore and then BAM! they are mine.

I read three books - Convenient Cowgirl Bride by Silver James, Sunday the Rabbi Stayed Home by Harry Kemelman, and The Widow Watchers by Frank Archer.  Silver's book rocked.  Naturally.  The Kemelman book was interesting, but I won't go looking for the rest of that series.  The Archer book was pretty awesome.  I did, however, have to add it to Goodreads because apparently, I'm the first Goodreads user to read it.  Gnarly.  Right now, I'm reading a Matt Helm - The Removers.  It's book 3 in the series and I've never read this series before, but so far, that's not a problem.  Well, unless you consider that I now want to read the first two a problem.  Good book so far.  No wonder the series was a hit.

Yesterday, I cleaned out all the food cabinets.  Removed everything, wiped the shelves down with furniture polish, reorganized, etc.  Threw out some stuff that had been in there a while.  There was some allspice up there from, I think, before we got married.  (Had to have been Hubs' because I don't think I've ever bought allspice.)  And if I haven't made pancakes in over a year, why keep the last batch worth of mix?  That sort of thing.  I also lined a few more of the cupboards.  Cuz... well, it looks neater, and I already had the liner stuff. 

Yes, I lead an exciting life.

What's up in your universe?


  1. Words. Words. Deadlines. Words. Did I mention deadlines? Yeah, these 12 weeks are all balls to the wall, word-wise. It's okay. I did this to myself. I'm pushing to get the Nov. 23rd KW book done this week then I'll immediately roll over to RDR#6 - Kade. It's due by November 15. I have no idea what I was smokin' when I picked dates but it was some nasty $h!+, obviously... LOL

    I need more weekend, more week, and more hours with a side helping of less need for sleep.

    If you fish, they will come. And now I'm off to work!

  2. For those few things that I don't use but on a blue moon, I freeze. Right now I have cornmeal and pasta in the freezer.

    While I go through a lot of pasta, when it's on sale I stock up and put it in the freezer until my pantry stash gets depleted. Not only does it kill any microscopic weevil eggs, but it keeps it fresh until I'm ready to use it.

  3. You were too organized yesterday, with all that cleaning. I heard a radio article today that said (more or less) that a messy house is the sign of a creative mind. I must be *very* creative. ;-)

    I got a lot of writing done - for a while. Then odd chores got in the way, like gardening with Mom today or battling with my printer yesterday. The next three days are shot, too. I hope to sneak in more writing tonight. But I'm more than halfway done with the rewrite of 6C! Yahoo!