Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday This n That

The only visible difference between a male pileated woodpecker and a female pileated woodpecker is a small red swipe on either side of the beak.  I only learned that last month, so we're having fun seeing who's who.

I have two peony plants in the front bed of the 'Sarah Bernhardt' variety. This year, they decided they don't want to be the exact same color.  One is white, the other is pale pink like it's supposed to be.  In similarly weird plant news, my yellow rose has decided it wants to be dark pink now.  (It went feral, I think.)

Yesterday, we were on a walk when I saw something on the road... "Would you look at the size of that nightcrawler! :bends down to pick it up:  That's not a nightcrawler.  It's an earthworm snake.  :gently encourages snake out of the road with toe of shoe: " It was huge even for an earthworm snake - like 8-10 inches. I could've picked it up - earthworm snakes don't bite unless you really piss them off - but Hubs would've been horrified.  Then Hubs contemplated using earthworm snakes as bait and whether they'd catch really big fish. LOL

I need to give the cat a bath today.  She's okay about it. She just uses her most pitiful meow the whole time.  Max, on the other hand, was horrible about baths.  He was just getting non-violent in the bathtub when...

I miss Max.  :sniffle:

In other news, I'm almost done getting ready for the Kid to arrive.  Whatever gets done, gets done.  Whatever doesn't, she won't notice anyway.  Except bathing the cat.  And vacuuming. Somehow since she left, she developed a cat allergy.  So, having a clean cat and a well-vacuumed house will help cut down on the amount of antihistamines she'll need to take while she's here.  Funny thing is, Kira is actually her cat.  I gave her Kira as a birthday present back in 2003.  Well, she was the Kid's cat.  I think it's more like we're her humans now.

Kira's birthday is Sunday.  She'll be 13.  We won't be having a cake.  Not for her, anyway.  It's also Mother's Day and the Kid will be here, so there may be some kind of cake consumed.  She'll get a can of her favorite Fancy Feast Cod, Shrimp and Sole pate.

That's it for me today. What have you got for me?

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  1. This: I finished NIGHT MOVES yesterday.
    That: I started (a couple of days late--see above) typeset edits on CONVENIENT COWGIRL BRIDE. It'll be done today before I go to sleep.
    Another: Fence handyguys arrived at 7 a.m. They're removing the detritus of the broken fence, plus a couple of dead trees limbs from the trees (I did NOT go out and look when there was a loud thump on the roof), and putting up the new fence, hopefully today because herding dogs is almost has hard as herding cats.

    Enjoy the Kid's visit, and Mother's Day. Ack. Is it early this year or is my calendar totally borked? Don't answer that. LOLOL

    Breaks over. Back to edits. Only 160 pages to go...