Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday This n That

I went to bed last night at around 10pm, cuz I was tired.  At the time, my brain agreed.  Then when I was in bed and trying to fall asleep, my brain decided it wanted to go write some more.  My body disagreed.  An epic battle ensued wherein my brain was like Patrick Swayze's ghost trying to convince Whoopi Goldberg to help him.  (Although, thankfully without a bazillion rounds of 'Henry the Eighth'.)  In the end, my body won, but it was a costly victory.  Now my brain is gloating that I probably would've gotten more sleep if I'd just gotten up and let it write.  My hands just flipped my brain the bird.

It is good to be writing again. 

The other day I was sitting in the living room when a blue jay flew into the redbud tree outside our picture window.  Then I started hearing a strange melodic series of notes from the blue jay.  I laughed and asked it what the hell it was doing. Shortly thereafter, I realized what it was doing... Imitating a recorder.  Four perfect notes.  I know why... The neighbors' grandkid practices her recorder outside.  I told Hubs "If he starts doing 'Mary had a Little Lamb' I'm going to freak right the fuck out'.

When I lived in FL, we had a local mockingbird who could imitate the neighbor's phone.  Never knew blue jays could be that precise in their mocking, too. 

We've hit the rainy season here, I guess.  Every day a little storm.  I'm hoping today's holds off until I get home from the store. 

Speaking of which...

What's on your this n that today?


  1. I saw my first hummingbird at the feeder yesterday. I was glad. I suspect she/they had visited before, I'd just not caught a glimpse.

    Words, words, more words. Life seems to be conspiring against writing time. Stormageddon has pink eye and I'll likely have to babysit tomorrow, so 8 hours of writing lost. Saturday is an out-of-town book signing so even more writing hours lost.

    My brain is tired. My body is tired. I know it's stress. Still. Oh, and I'm listening to a great book when I run errands, cook, and do after dinner duties (feeding dogs, feral cats, KP). Have you read Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid series? First book is HOUNDED. It's delightful. Check it out.

    Break time over. I have another 1200 words to go before sleep tonight, if I'm to stay on track with two days cut out of my schedule. :(

  2. I didn't know that about bluejays either. Had my fair share of the body vs brain battle - sometimes it's just easier to get up and have a cup of tea.

    I've had a creative week when not at work. I finished a hexagon table topper last night which I made as a Christmas present. Trouble is I like it so much I want to give it to the recipient right now!

    Read and thoroughly enjoyed Fertile Ground, left reviews in the right places. I think this is my favourite series and I'm looking forward to more.

    I agree totally with Silver, Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid series is fantastic. I have loved them all so far. It's just so different and you can tell it's written by a total geek!

    Got my sister & her hub coming down at the weekend, so looking forward to that.