Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday This n That

Today is the last full day of the Kid being here.  Bright and early tomorrow, I drive her back to the airport.  =o\

I discovered this morning that a kid from my alma mater, Northern Michigan University, as well as from back home in Grand Blanc, made the 90-man roster for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  (Okay, I'm not technically from Grand Blanc.  I'm from the countryside outside Atlas and I went to Goodrich.  But I did have a Grand Blanc mailing address, so I'm counting it as home.)  I hope he makes the final roster.  No one from NMU or from GB ever makes it to pro-football.  Go Wildcats!  Rawr.

I took the Kid to the thrift store yesterday.  We walked around, found a few items for her, and a lovely, new, green glass ashtray for me.  I do love interesting, glass ashtrays.

We also took her to Roaring River State Park where we walked the lovely trail beside the river, watched trout fisherman, gazed at the fish you could see easily in the crystal clear waters, and saw several snakes swimming across the river.  When I got home, I used the pics I took for snake identification...

It's a copperhead.  Luckily, every one we saw was swimming away from where we were. 

I'm about halfway through proofreading Fertile Ground, and, picky bitch that I am, I'm discovering way more stuff than I thought I would.  Tweak here, tweak there, everywhere a tweak tweak.  See, this is why I don't go back and read my books after they're published.  There's always a better way to word something somewhere.  Ugh.

I never say this in my books, but all flaws, typos, and mistakes are entirely my fault.  It's kind of a given, isn't it?  I mean, with self-published authors, it is.  Everything we put out is our responsibility from cover to cover.  If there's a mistake in there after we publish, it's our fault.  I try to make them as flaw-free as possible, but I'm not perfect.  It's just life.  If you find a flaw and feel like emailing it to me, I won't get pissy.  I'll just fix it so the next person has a better copy.  And I apologize if one happens to make it past all the proofing processes I put a book through.

Okay, that's it for me today.  Anything to add from your part of the world?

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  1. As you know from FB, a new "character" appeared in the current WIP. There's already a couple of scenes floating around my head where Harley plays a big part. :D

    I need an assistant. Just wish I could afford one. I need to update my website, put out a newsletter, and write 40K words between now and June 1st. Wheeee.

    I also need to not sleep in, piddle on social media, and ignore all the stuff I need to do. LOLOL

    Just a reminder, copperheads hunt in pairs. Glad you enjoyed the Kid's visit. I know you'll miss her. :(

    And yes, I'm going to work now. Stop laughing. I am!