Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Update - Week 20

Okay, so last week held both my birthday and my anniversary.  Thanks to everyone for your happy wishes.  =o)

Fertile Ground went live.  I didn't go with the pre-order thing this time to see how things would pan out.  Umm, I ended up with fewer release day sales.  :shrug:

Not a lot got done in the writing arena.  I did some editorial inputs for Up Wish Creek.  I may push the release of this one back to September.  I apologize to the fans who might have to wait an extra month, but I've hit the writing blahs and can't seem to muster the will to edit right now.  Or the urge to write right now.

This might also nix the idea of a fourth book out this year.  Frankly, a big part of it is slow sales.  Publishing costs a lot of money and the well of fundage needs sales to stay fluid.  If I'm spending time thinking about how I'm going to fund the next book, and worrying over craptastic sales, I don't have as much brain space for new words.  And I don't have the gumption to edit books that won't sell.  Make any sense? 

To the monetary end of things, I do have some marketing stuff on the schedule.  Friday I had an ad in Authors' Billboard.  This coming Friday, I'll have a book excerpt going live on Omnimystery News.  Next Sunday, I'll have an ad at Robin Reads.  If those help sales pick up, we could be having a different discussion on production schedules and gumption next month.

The summer people are beginning to flock to the neighborhood again.  And jumping on the DSL.  This means I get slow internet from about mid-afternoon to late evening.  Slow as in I can't get Facebook to load new stuff and Gmail to refresh.  Hence, most of my online interacting will be in the mornings. 

In other news, the deer coming into the yard are so fat pregnant, I'm surprised they can walk.  We should be seeing a drastic slimming of them all soon.  And fawns soon after.  I hope.  Last year wasn't the best for fawn viewing. Oh, they had them - we saw young deer in the fall - but they didn't bring them around the yard.  I hope they bring the babies here this year. :fingers crossed:

Okay, that's enough from me today.  Sorry for the whining.  What was up in your world last week?


  1. Deadline brain with a side of crazywritersauce. I was asked to add a book to a boxed set. Easy peasy. NOT! It took two weeks away from my writing (tight deadline in 3 weeks and 40K words to write. *flail* Plus all the real life stuff that interferes.

    Don't have much time to read but grabbing bits of FERTILE GROUND when I have a few minutes. Almost done reading on KU and then another sale. ;)

    I did get the good news that two of my books finaled in the prestigious National Readers Choice Awards (for romance). And the next Red Dirt book releases the first week in June--totally not ready, plus I'm trying to get NIGHT MOVES out there, too. I have a few plot fixes and then back to copyeditor/proofreader then I hope it's out by the end of this week.

    I did mention crazyauthorsauce, right? *tears out hair*

    Okay, no time to play. I'll be barely visible these next few weeks. :(

    1. You're so busy already, and you're adding something else? You amaze me. OKay, so now I know if I don't see you around the interwebs, not to call out the National Guard.

      Yay for your books finaling!! Totally deserved.

      Try not to implode under the weight of everything, and if there's anything I can do to help, let me know. :hugs: