Thursday, December 3, 2015

This n That Thursday

Olive oil - great on salads, nasty straight.

I'm totally not in a Christmasy mood, but I did get the tree up yesterday.  I'm going more minimalist this year.  Just a few things here and there rather than everything everywhere.

I left to run errands yesterday and not far down the road, just around the first corner, but before the next corner, three does standing in the middle of the road.  I waited patiently for them to finish chatting.  Then they walked away.  Lucky for them I wasn't the UPS dude.  He flies like a bat outta hell through here.

At the Walmart, I turned from one aisle to the next to find a woman trying to get something big off a high shelf, so I asked her if she needed help.  "Oh, that's okay. I think I can get in enough trouble by myself." To which I replied "But imagine how much trouble we could get in together." Which started a twenty minute conversation.  Turns out she's from Wisconsin and has ties in the Upper Peninsula. It's bizarre here in SW MO to find someone who even knows where Ishpeming is, let alone someone who's father was born there.  Small world.

I do that. Strike up conversations with total strangers.  Sometimes they strike up conversations with me.  For the most part, it's pretty neat.  Occasionally, it gets weird.  Overall, it's worth it. 

Of course, I also talk to the birds and squirrels.  They never answer. Whew.

What's the this n that in your world right now?


  1. Every time I go to Walmart someone asks me about how this product or that works. I'm not sure what that says about me.

    Re: UPS
    I call them ninja delivery. They're so fast and quiet even my dogs don't snap to an 'intruder' until it's too late. If the SWAT team ever needs replacements, they need to recruit from UPS.

  2. I strike up conversations with total strangers too. Used to drive my ex up the wall.

    Had a banging mirgraine yesterday, feeling much better today - thank goodness.

    It's too warm at the moment for December. We need some cold otherwise I'll never feel Christmassy.

    UPS: they are our couriers at work and our driver is called Jerry, a very pleasant chap. I can definitely see him practicing ninja skills in his spare time!

  3. Total strangers strike up conversations with me. Weird that. The last time I was in WallyWorld, a cute biker dude flirted with me. I wanted to take his picture, get his phone number, and totally nail his ass as a hero for the Nightriders. I did none of those things because the cute biker dude smiled and winked at me, a little ol' silver hair and I didn't want to ruin it with weirdness.

    We keep having power spikes and outages from the ice storm last weekend even though the weather has been in the 50s. Did get my latest book turned in, more or less on time. I also got the back cover blurb for RDR#3, coming out in June. I cried. No, really. It was that perfect.

    UPS. My dogs bark at the trucks even when they just drive by. As we live on a corner, this is frequent. On the other hand, my mailman is ninja dude.

    I'm ready to get back into life. Or a new WIP. Whichever comes first.