Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 50

Two weeks left until the end of the year?  Umm, yeah, that doesn't sound right.  But there it is.  (It's not three weeks because the last week ends in 2016, so I guess they've given those days to the first week of the new year.)

I got In Deep Wish off to the AWE.  She gets it for a month and then it's back to me.  This time we're doing something a little different and she's scouring it hard for consistency issues, plot holes, backstory needs and removals, etc.  I've never done a sequel before, so I think this is necessary.  We'll hit all the other stuff on the next pass.

My Incredible Cover Artist (ICA) is working hard on the cover for In Deep Wish.  I have the initial concept.  It looks awesome.  Now she's making it pretty. 

I wish I had tons more money so I could have AWE and ICA working on other covers and other edits while I'm working on my end.  Then I could put out books so much faster for all y'all.  But I don't and I'm only one person anyway, so I can only do so much.  Cloning ability would also be nice.

Speaking of money, and by association sales, I'm 5 books away from selling a thousand books in 2015.  Mind you, over half of those were at the 99 cent price point, so not a huge royalty on those, but still. Every little bit helps fund more books.  So yay.  And I have something special planned for the 25th-31st for all my books. 

I was supposed to start early edits for Fertile Ground yesterday, but I lazed out.  I really need to get my buns back to work.  Today.  I will do it today.  Hey, I had three things on my to-do list yesterday - business accounting work, cleaning, and editing.  I got the dreaded accounts balanced.  I cleaned.  (Okay, I tidied.)  Two out of three ain't bad. 

Would you believe it's been so warm here that I now have bulbs beginning to sprout up through the soil??  Since I moved everything around, I'm not quite sure which bulbs are which, but at least three of the buggers are poking up.  They're going to be sad when winter actually does arrive here.  =o\

I got my first prezzie.  A good friend and go-to gal for me sent a lovely page a day calendar full of beautiful bird pics.  Every day a new bird.  I'm totally down with that.  =o)

What updates do you have to share today?


  1. Crap. Two weeks, huh? I am so out of luck. LOLOL

    I'm still in procrastination mode. I just can't get my brain engaged. Not sure if that's good or bad. Still don't have any ornaments on the tree. Maybe this afternoon after I do an on-line meeting thingy.

    I have ideas for books. Problem is, I have ideas for books. TOO MANY ideas. I need to narrow it down to one and get to work.

    Oh, and I discovered audio books. This is bad. *looks shifty-eyed*

    1. Oh man, sorry about that, Silver. Yeah, the whole holiday thing snuck up on me this year. If it weren't for Hubs going 'you're doing Christmas cards this week, right?', they'd still be sitting in boxes.

      Maybe it's the change from your old cactus to the tree. Change is hard.

      LOL, yeah, too many ideas, too little time. I totally get that.

      NO! No audio books. I have no time for other distractions. Neither do you. Bad girl. ROFL

  2. Yay for being so close to 1000 sales!

    Two weeks?!? Call it 2.5. But I still need at least three on top of that to do everything I'd planned for this year. Sigh. Well, releasing one book a month (once I finally got started) was rather optimistic.

    Um, Christmas tree? I did put out a few ornaments. Does that count?

    NO audio books! ;-)

    I couldn't concentrate on 4C yesterday, so I worked on 5C's cover. I like the way it turned out.
    Today I wrote about three pages (haven't looked closely yet) on 4C, so I'm still moving in the right direction.