Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 49

How did it get to be Sunday again?  Didn't we just have a Sunday? 

Not quite sure what all I did last week.  Let's see if I can cobble it together.

I read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  Big book.  And I only have the hardcover, so it took longer (what with having to hold the heavy thing).  I also read most of No Good Deed by Allison Brennan.  I'm almost done, but I had to stop last night because it was way past my bedtime and I was tired.  As of last night I'm 18 books behind in my reading challenge.  Yah, that ain't happening.

I'm way behind in my editing, too.  No excuses there.  I should have it to my editor by the new date, though.  And everything is still greenlight for a March release.

I did some marketing.  My ad at ReadCheaply saw a nice little boost in sales for Wish in One Hand.  Then I happened to mention on FB that I was close to selling 1000 books this year and some awesome people bought a few copies.  I've already sold more this month than all of last month, so it's a win.  Gads, November sucked. 

I'm planning on putting together a marketing post for Outside the Box with links to the various places I've tried and my own opinions.  Should be good for readers, too - because readers might find new places to locate books.  Win win.

We had two bald eagles flying lazy circles over the house a couple days ago.  Pretty cool.  Not good enough shots to run into the house for a camera, though.  It's hard to get good in-flight pics, especially through the trees.

I got the Christmas tree up and finished the decor.  I also made pretzel turtles.  These may be my only Christmas activities this year.  I mean, other than sending the Kid her box and Christmas dinner.

And that's about it.  How were things for you last week?


  1. As you know, a crazy one for me. I was a bit late on my deadline but since the editors are moving offices (all of HQ is moving 3 blocks away due to a merger), Mr. HQEd wasn't too upset. He and my grand-editor have been waiting for this one based on the proposal. Which now scares me spitless that it won't hold up to expectations. *FLAIL* I got my blurb for the 3rd book coming out in June. Made me cry. It's that good.

    We continued to have power problems due to the ice storm, even though the highs were in the 50s. I think it's all good now. I did a little flash writing, stayed of social media (wasn't in the right headspace), I spent time with Stormageddon. I bought a new Christmas tree. And a new vacuum. Lawyer Guy killed the old vacuum. I dragged more broken branches to the tree.

    I need to figure out my next project. My brain is scattered and Iffy is all about looking at pictures of hot guys and chocolate at the moment. I may just work on multiple projects to see which WIP gets the most attention for now.

    I'd exceeded my 200 book challenge, bumped it to 210, and would be over that if stupid Goodreads had acknowledged my rereads of 6 books previously read this year. Ah well. I'll still exceed the goal because I have like 20 contest books I didn't list because I didn't want to review them.

    And now, I need more coffee... *wanders off looking forgetful*

  2. Wow. I'm definitely not in edit mode and I need tons more coffee to make sure my brain is even semi-sorta functioning. I stayed OFF social media. And I dragged branches to the STREET. *makes derp face*

  3. Yay for you ReadCheaply ad's success!

    How cool about your bald eagle sightings. If I ever see one here, I'll drop over in a cold faint. Of course, I'm unlikely to recognize one unless it landed at my feet. ;-)

    So not in a Christmas mood. Mom is nagging me to put up a tree. I told her Churchill isn't a Christian. All cats are pagans by definition, right?

    Still poking along on 4C. Maybe in the same chapter as last week; I'm afraid to look. Got a LOT done over this weekend, though. :-)