Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 51

There is not enough coffee on the planet this morning.  I say we take over the Colombian drug plantations and make them grow coffee beans instead.  Coffee addicts of the world, unite!  There are more of us than there are of them!  We can kick their butts.  After we have some more java.  Cuz really, who's got the energy for a hostile takeover without caffeine? 

Another blurry week has gone by.  Next to last full week of 2015.  According to my to-do list from last week, here's what happened...

My editor is now working on In Deep Wish.  Meanwhile, I'm making edit notes for Fertile Ground so I'll be ready to jump into that during my downtimes getting IDW ready for March pub. 

Speaking of getting IDW ready, my cover artist should have the cover done soon.  I've seen the stage before the font insertion and it is awesome.  But she's jammed with the holidays and stuff, so it's not quite ready yet.  And that's totally cool because I don't really need it immediately. 

I spent some time this past week working on spreadsheets for next year.  So pretty.  (Yes, I think spreadsheets are pretty.)

Speaking of spreadsheets, I am 2 books away from reaching 1K sold in 2015.  It's not a mile-marker I ever thought of reaching when the year started, but I'll be thrilled to see it happen.  Which it will.  Two books in 11 days?  I think that's doable.

Yesterday, I started out with the idea of doing the dishes.  (Yeah yeah, I leave my dishes 'til the morning. Unless I'm writing, then I do the dishes at night as a break.)  Anyway, I did the dishes and then I knew I had to clean the coffee maker because it was taking forever to brew me a pot of life-giving nectar.  Which morphed into me scrubbing all the stove burner pans.  Which lead to me deep-cleaning the kitchen.  And while I was cleaning the coffee pot, I had to do the drains.  Naturally.  Can't waste all that hot vinegar when it's so useful for flushing out all the drains.  Except my bathroom sink drain still isn't draining right.  So, this morning, I'll be taking the pipes apart and scrubbing the gunk out.  Yay.

I lead an exciting life.

What's going on in your life?


  1. One of the things my writer's chapter does is fill out Goal Cards at the beginning of each year and seal them into envelopes. The president-elect gathers them up and keeps them. Then, during our annual Christmas party, they're opened and read to the group and we get to admit or go for plausible deniability. LOL Most of us have totally forgotten what our goal was by the time we get to the end of the year.

    My goal for 2015 was to launch my two new series (done) and publish the 3rd book in the Penumbra Papers (also met). In edition, I published a Moonstruck short novel, wrote, edited (and am currently awaiting revisions from Mr. Ed) two Harlequin categories. No wonder I'm exhausted! LOLOL

    Next year won't be any easier. Good thing I normally write fast.

    Oh, and sign me up for the Coffee Mercs. I'm ready, because yeah, between now and the end of the year, there ain't enough coffee in the world! :)

    1. Way to go, Silver! You've had a kickass year. You kicked its ass and it returned the favor. ;o) I need to borrow some of that kickassness. Next year might not look any easier, but you'll rock it hardcore.

      Okay, now all we need are a cache of weapons, a big helicopter, and some younger bodies. Because I am totally too worn out to go full merc. LOL

  2. LOL! I'd sign up for the Coffee Mercs if I were a few years younger. Recently I had to give up coffee. Tea just doesn't carry the kick.

    I spent half the day 'helping' (make that watching) my brother replace my toilet's guts. It wouldn't have been so bad, but one of the bolts holding the whole thing together broke. What a mess!

    Twelve more pages finished in 4C. Got stuck in it, though, so I made a cover for 6C. I love it -- but I MUST stop cover-making and concentrate on writing. I finally finished the current chapter, so onward to the next. :-)

    1. We can be the OCM, Deb. (Old Chick Mercenaries) ;o) You don't have to still drink coffee. You just have to be willing to give your life for it. LOL

      Ugh, I hate toilet repair. Hubs had to replace our garage toilet last year. I stayed the hell out of the way. (It was broken when we got here. Literally. Cracked right up from the floor.)

      Go you! And yes, you need to focus on the writing so the covers are useful. :whipcrack: