Thursday, December 10, 2015

This n That Thursday

Here's a little story - one you may have heard before (although the telling is slightly different from one story to the next.)  Once upon a time, there was a pretty princess - okay, it was a scullery maid - who was doing her very best to put out quality work for her people.  Then she met a charlatan who tricked her into thinking he could make magic.  He took all her coins and made a pile of dog doo where something awesome should've been.  She lived and she learned.  And went on her merry way. Eventually, she found a real magician who made the dog doo disappear, and then she was happy. Until she found a place where people were making fun of the pile she'd been left with.  (Nothing ever totally disappears in the magical kingdom of WWW.)  Which was all fine because she'd already acknowledged it was a pile.  She'd already fixed it.  What hurt were the personal attacks.  And so, she was sad.  For a little while.  Then she took herself in hand and reminded herself that total strangers have no ability to hurt her because when you don't have a reason to care about someone, you shouldn't care what they think.  She's still a little pissed, though - not at the merry-makers who laughed, but at the charlatan who put her in that position to begin with.  May the fleas of a thousand bugbears nest in his boxers.  The end.

Speaking of magicians, I got a glimpse of the cover for In Deep Wish last night.  Ooo, pretty!  I'd tell you more, but it would spoil the fun.  Suffice it to say, it's got Jo on it.  (Same cover model as WIOH. I don't know who this gal is, but her poses are so 'Jo'.)  It has another genie on it, too, but all I can say about that is it's not Zeke.  Maybe he'll make an appearance on the cover of Up Wish Creek.

I finished my Christmas shopping and shipping yesterday.  Ordered some nice gifts for the Moms.  Mailed all the cards out and the Kid's package.  Plus, I sent books to the Moms and the A.W.E.*  Busy busy.

We had a red fox in the yard last night.  He was eating at the corn pans.  Yes, we didn't know foxes ate corn either - which made Hubs wonder if something was wrong with the little dude.  But no, the fox was fine.  They're omnivores, so they eat pretty much whatever's available. Including corn, berries, acorns, wheat, etc. in addition to the mice, moles, and bugs.  He ate his fill, turned his fluffy tail, and trotted off.  =o)

Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles is just weird.  I'm only about halfway through reading it, but yeah, weird.  Not bad weird.  Not exactly good weird either.  I'll reserve judgment until the end.

Anything in your this n that today?

*Awesome Wonderful Editor


  1. Dang woman. Can I hire you as my personal shopper/Christmas card addresser? LOL

    Small people are small. And not worth acknowledging. *shrug*

    This: Coffee with CP today.

    That: Put up the tree yesterday. Still needs decorations. After staring at it all last night, it won't need many. And I admit I'm tempted to do a theme tree (and not like the themes I did for a couple of years with little trees in each room--long story). I'm talking like "decorator" theme. Weird.

    Another: I ended up with a one-month trial of Audible. I normally don't do audio books. After some dithering, I picked WRITTEN IN RED as my free download. Fell asleep listening last night. Now I have to backtrack to find spot where I fell asleep. Sounds like I wasn't enjoying. I WAS. That's why I was listening. Then fell asleep. Cuz...tired.

    Coffee with CP this morning. Need to go clean up and put on real clothes. It's a struggle some days. LOL

  2. Boo to the charlatan. May he rot in the land of the bugbears. The people who tormented the victim of the creep, too!

    Yay to your new cover! I can't wait to see it!

    How cool you have a local red fox! We have coyotes. And feral pigs. (Don't mess with the feral pigs. 8-o )

    I thought The Martian Chronicles were weird, too, when I read them 30 (40?) years ago. No desire to read them again.

    But I found a new (to me) Trudi Canavan trilogy at the used bookstore, and I'm having a terrible time tearing my face free. I need to go write! :-)

  3. Agree: Boo to the charlatan.

    This: I'm done with Christmas presents, just the last few to deliver this weekend. Don't bother with the tree but definitely looking forward to a week off work.

    That: finished my long term sewing project. 18 months work finally done. I hand sewed all the hexagons then got a local lady to do the quilting as I couldn't get it through my machine. Then I hand sewed the binding on the back, put a label on it and its done. The finished quilt is 6' by 8' and will be snuggly and warm when the winter comes. I'll send you a pic!

    The other: talking of weird books, I read Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere earlier this year and that was weird. I'm still not sure if I liked it but I finished it anyway.