Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 46

Last week was pretty busy for me, so let's jump right in...

I finished the edits for BloodFlow.  Tweaked the hell out of it and it's as good as I can make it.  (Thanks, as always, to my editor, Janet, for all her hard work.)  Then I formatted it for epub and uploaded that sucker for pre-order.  It's live, if you're interested.  (Thanks for the 2 pre-orders I already have on this one.)

Then I worked on the print formatting and the print cover for BloodFlow.  I ran into a stumbler on the cover.  I did it exactly the way they said to do it, and they rejected it.  This morning, I did some magic and I'm trying it again.  Once they approve it, I'll order a proof.  If that's hunky-dory, then it'll be live for purchase.

Speaking of covers and proofs, I got the new print cover for Wish in One Hand.  It's been uploaded, accepted, and a proof has been ordered.  That'll be here Wednesday.  If it's cool, I'll make it live for purchase, too.  So sparkly...

As a break from all this, I went into the woods.  Nothing like clearing trails and hacking at dead trees to defog the mind.  While I was doing this, I happened upon the second property pin at the back of the property.  Yay.  We've been looking for that sucker for 2 years.  It was under a fallen cedar, next to an animal den.  I had stooped over to see if I could find tracks near the den, so I can determine what the hell lives there, and TADA!  (Still don't know what critter lives there.)  Turns out, I was off about a dozen feet from where I thought our property stopped, but only because I had straight north slightly off.  Oops.  Now there's a new bottom trail that follows our actual property. 

Heard from the Kid yesterday.  She's doing well, which is always bonus.

I had a contest for $10 on my blog last week.  One person qualified - Silver James.  She had indicated I should donate the money to an animal rescue organization.  That will be done when I go to the vet to pick up Max's ashes. Fitting, I think. 

Oh, and I attempted to make postcards for BloodFlow marketing, but every time I tried to upload a file to Vistaprint, my modem freaked out.  Not sure what the issue is, since I can't recreate the problem on any site but Vistaprint.  I'll be looking for a new postcard supplier today. 

And I'll be beginning the process of creating cover art for In Deep Wish today, too.  I have a couple ideas - one of which involves me looking for a model for Zeke.  I found one dude.  He's pretty close to what I imagine Zeke looks like, but none of his poses convey the attitude I'm shooting for.  I may scrap that and either pick another character to share the cover with Jo or just use Jo and the background I like. 

Like I said, busy busy.  I don't even want to talk about the state my home is in.  I need to dust and vacuum and do the bathrooms and the windows and... Yeah, I'd rather be in the woods.

What's the skinny where you're at?


  1. You're welcome :) I love this book and can't wait for others to love it as much as I do!!!

    You had a busy week - not much happening in my neck of the woods. Same old!

    1. Here's hoping, Janet. This book was a bear and kind of scary to get coherent, but we did it.

      Sometimes I wish for the same old. LOL

  2. I love both new covers! Yay for finishing edits!

    How cool you found the property pin. Mine got plowed. Have you seen how BIG plows are these days? Eek! ;-)

    Been under the weather this week, and didn't get much done. Fall allergies, I think. Trying to get up the gumption to get a blog post up announcing Illusion's Child. But I did get all the links up on my website, One step at a time (and more allergy pills!).

    1. Thanks, Deb!

      I think that's why we can't find the front pins - they got dug up or plowed under or something. LOL, I'm from Michigan. We always had big plows.

      Oh, man, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. Ugh, allergies are the worst. I hope your gumption comes back. The site looks great. I posted on FB about Illusion's Child. :hugs:

  3. Dang. Wish there was some skinny in my neck of the woods. Ah well.

    I think I got the cover and interior graphic issues fixed (with Only's help) for DOUBLE CROSS. Waiting for it to go back through review to make sure.

    RDR#4 is being a pain. I'm behind. So what else is new, right?

    Hope you marked the property pin where you can find it easier! Yay for more room for the trail.

    Life is, at the moment. Since we buried a family friend who was 47 this weekend, it sure beats the alternative. I'll suck up the b...gritches I have have floating in my head and ignore them. And like Janet, can't wait for BLOODFLOW. Off to pre-order!

    1. Ugh, print book issues. I haz them. My 2nd attempt got rejected, too. I'll try one more thing and if that gets shot down, I'll ask them for help.

      Smack RDR4 around and show it who's boss. Yeah, we marked the pin. Actually, I was over on the neighbor's property by about fifteen feet on one side. :eyeroll: So much for knowing where true north is without the aid of a compass.

      Oh no, I'm so sorry for your loss. Thanks for the support, as always, Silver! You rock.

  4. Ooh...actually. I'm gonna cheat a little. When it goes live, I'll do the Kindle Unlimited/Prime Read Free thing THEN I'll buy my copy! Double good stuffs for you that way. :D

    1. LOL, either way is fine with me. Thanks in advance for the double good stuffs, though. :hugs: