Thursday, August 27, 2015

This n That Thursday

We got notification of what KU would pay per page on the 15th and I saw something this morning about the Big 5 now looking at getting into KU.  Nothing about anyone printing a retraction of their gloom and doom, 'Amazon is evil' statements from earlier this summer.  Hmph.  Does anyone ever admit to being wrong anymore?

The internet is a wonderful place.  Still, before things like FB and Twitter, I wouldn't have had even an nth of a chance to know the political and life philosophies of those around me.  (Cuz, ya know, the whole 'things you don't talk about in polite society' was adhered to more back then.)  Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

I'm supposed to have an ad up at a place called Goodkindles sometime today.  I'll let ya know how that pans out.

I went for a walk the other morning.  The river is receding, leaving the people on waterfront properties with extremely dead backyards.  Grass does not do well underwater.  And the smoke I keep smelling in the air is apparently from the people down there burning all the detritus that washed up.  Here's how it looks down there now:
Here's how it looked last month:

Watched a really neat episode of Nova last night about Siberian Tigers.  Cool stuff.  If you happen to see it on again, watch it.  The shots of those big beautiful cats are amazing.

What's the this n that skinny in your world?


  1. I've been very happy with the new KU model. In July (1st month), I had almoswt 100K pages read. August is going gangbusters with well over that mark and still 4 days to go. I'm making much more than I did on the old model. Those who complained had shorter works and were making more than their royalty percentage. I hope Amazon continues to make money because, I LIKE the $$ coming in at the moment. You know, I should "borrow" your books first, read them, and then buy them. That way you get double. LOL

    Stormageddon passed along his stomach virus. I was down for 48 hours, starting Tuesday morning. LG got hit that night. He made it to work today. I made it to the grocery store and cleaners late yesterday afternoon. I'm up and at the computer--obviously--this morning but still get sweats. Ugh.

    Yay for the internet so I can visit with friends and not be contagious. LOL

    I still have to write my synopsis. Getting on that. Soon. *nods* No. Really.

    1. Same here, Silver. Here's hoping they stick with the 0.0057791078371189 per page. Or round it up to .0058 to make life easier. LOL about the double dipping.

      Oh no about the stomach virus! So glad you're back to well again. And yes, YAY for the internet! I can :hugs: you and not get sick.

      I hope by now you've got the synopsis hammered out. If not, go. Get 'er done!

  2. In my world I'm waiting for my printed copies of AD & WIOH to arrive. According to Amazon they are due to delivery today. These are the first of my Christmas gift purchases and I have definite recipients in mind for them.

    Last night I helped a friend make 10 kimono tops for her daughter's hen weekend in Barcelona. No precision at all, just sewn up quickly and they'll hold for an outing to the beach and the "bikini" photo they're needed for. My back is still aching!

    After all the hoo har about the book & TV series, I've started reading Diana Gabaldon's Outlander. So far, so good.

    Got tomorrow afternoon off work so I can spring clean my place before friends arrive for the bank holiday weekend on Saturday. I hate cleaning so need these regular visitors to get me going.

    Oh and I'm enjoying the current series of the Great British Bake Off. Last night was desserts yum. I'd like to be a taster, please?

    1. LOL, I wondered if that was you buying my paperbacks, Fran. UK sales away make me think of you. I hope they arrived on time and it perfect condition. I always worry since that copy of Dying Embers didn't make it to you. Did I ever tell you that right after that an banged-up copy of DE showed up as 'used' on Amazon UK?

      Wow, 10 kimonos? Yeah, my back would be aching, too.

      I still haven't read that series. And I don't get that channel on TV, so no watching it either. I hope it lives up to the hoo har for you.

      I hope you got your cleaning done. That's that until next time. ;o)

      Oh, I've seen that show! Yum!