Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Editing Tricks for the Lazy Writer

Not sure where the commas are supposed to go in a compound sentence? Shorten it so it's not compound. Mary and any others who didn't look like a train wreck chose to go out dancing.  Mary, and the others who didn't look like a train wreck, chose to go out dancing. OR Mary and the others, who didn't look like a train wreck, chose to go out dancing.  OR They all went dancing. 

Not sure if your editor is correct?  Well, you can go research it on Google, or you can suck it up and change it.  Or you can get pissy and ignore it. Depends on your laziness level or the level to which you have looked at a particular manuscript so long you no longer care.

Eyes going squonky from looking at the same words the same way for the bazillionth time?  Change the font so it looks like new words!

Said something the wrong way your entire life, so even though it's wrong, it looks like it's right?  Find a way to rationalize it so you don't have to change it.  For instance, "I could care less" = I don't actually care, but if you keep talking, I might find a way to care less than nothing. 

Tell everyone who disagrees with you about anything grammatical that it's colloquial or 'your voice', and you should never mess with a writer's voice.

If 'voice' doesn't work, use 'style'.

*Note: The above suggestions are both serious and not.  You decide. 


  1. LOL The could/couldn't care less always bugs me. "I could care less" means you don't care too much but it's still possible to not care at all. "I couldn't care less" means...eff you, I'm done. Right? *scratches head*

    I've only had one cup of coffee. I need the whole pot.

    I like that whole voice thing. And style. We got style, baby! ;)

    1. Exactly, Silver.

      I needed loads of coffee today. And several naps. Regardless, though, I got it done. Now to kick back and wait for Amazon and Createspace to tell me I did okay.

      We got buckets of style, dahling. =oD

  2. OK - did it go through? I'm having issues with blogger!! If it did, ignore this, B.E. If it didn't...

    um, I'm worried about the editor comment ;)

    1. I guess if you posted another comment, it didn't go thru. Silly Blogger.

      LOL, no worries, Janet. You did a lovely job. It's just at this point in the game, I get a little loopy. Hence, this morning's post. Loopy-chick. But it's all good.

  3. I hate that "could care less" thing too. I mean why? You either care or you don't. Oh please don't get me started ....