Thursday, August 13, 2015

This n That Thursday

Sorry I missed y'all last week.  Busy busy and all that rot.  (How's that for differing accents in one paragraph? LOL)

Okay, so Wish in One Hand is available for pre-order - which is part of the reason I missed posting this n that last week.  I was hip-deep in edits.  But now I'm not.  I'm free!  I'm free!  Until this weekend, when I will rebegin the process with Bloodflow.

I have two winning lottery tickets from last week sitting on my computer.  A dollar each - which explains why there's no rush to cash them in.  I did venture forth from the cave yesterday, but I forgot the tickets.  :shrug:  Maybe today.

The state of Arkansas has decided now would be a good time to chip seal the highway I take to Walmart.  They just JUST repaved the damn thing last year.  It was smooth and lovely.  Now it's a tragic pain in the ass.  Hubs assures me this is normal.  Re-pave one year, chip seal and asphalt the next year, give it a slurry or something every few years after that.  It helps the road last longer.  Whatevs man.  All I know is my beautiful road that I could go 55 down (Yeah, 55... that's the ticket.) is now a 15 mile stretch of 15 mph gravel road.  They better get it back to smooth again soon.  Dammit.

I saw a baby roadrunner this week.  He was with his mom.  She'd run a little, he'd follow, and when she'd stop, he'd stop next to her and wiggle his wings for her to feed him.  He may have even been beeping, but I was watching from inside the house.

I think I'm forgetting something.  Like I was supposed to send somebody something.  If I was supposed to send you something, let me know.  I'm such a scatterbrain right now.  (Oh, I hear you laughing out there.  Shush.)

What's the this n that skinny where you are?

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  1. Pre-ordered. :) Jeez, road repair. Hate it and sometimes it never makes sense--especially when the road seemed fine while there are other nearby roads that are in desperate need. DOT is a mystery. (Dept. of Transportation)

    I have a rough spot in my MS. I haven't been able to fix it. It's driving me crazy because I have to have this scene. ARGH! *rips out chunks of hair* ... *bangs head on desk* ... *stares out window* ... *rinse repeat*

    Have a bunch of other stuff going on I need to get done too but MS first. I have three minutes left on the internet then I'm shutting down until this sucker is fixed. If you don't see me Monday, I'll probably need a welfare check because it means I've like expired at my desk. *rolls eyes*