Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Go Read This and Think About It

As I was laying in bed not sleeping last night, I came up with a most excellent post about bullying.  (Yes.  Again.  Because the world wasn't paying attention last time... and even though it still won't be paying attention, it still needs to be said.)  Of course, I lost most of it between then and now.  Thankfully, Sarah A. Hoyt says it better - if only in part of where I thought I was going.  So go read this...

Sticks and Stones

...and then think about it for a while.

Then think about this bit that I've said before: The only people who have the power to make you feel bad are the ones you give that power to.  And then realize that if you don't care about what someone thinks, then their opinions don't really mean shit.  (Unless, like Sarah points out, their opinion slathered around the internet might lose you sales. Of course, being an author means you give a boatload of people you otherwise wouldn't have given a damn about power to hurt you, but it's the life we choose when we seek publication.)

And yes, I feel really bad when my acquaintances get their feelings hurt - even if it's because they gave someone else power they shouldn't have.  And I'd really like to poke those mean ol' bullies in the eye.  But then I remember what I said above and then I feel bad for those hurt people, that they can't just say 'Fuck you and the horse you rode in on' and then completely ignore the words coming out of the fingers of people they should consider fucktards.

Okay.  'Nuff said about this for the day.  Expect it to crop again - probably with more eloquence after a full night's sleep.

Edited to Add:  After I posted this, I came across another pertinent blog about the subject.  (Must be something in the air.)  So, go read Why Bullies Bully, too.

(Note: I've only read one of Sarah's books, but it was most excellent, so check her stuff out.)

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  1. While I might want to say "Fuck you and the critter you rode in on" many times during my day, I refrain from doing it "out loud" -- meaning on the 'net. I've blistered Cooper's and Boone's ears more than once and sent Adidas-cat scampering for the dark, safe space under the bed. I also don't speak my mind much when it comes to politics because...yeah...

    But you're right. I gave up the "ability" to do certain things when I decided to pursue writing and being published. And I can live with that loss. Because despite all the stupid people and bullies, I'm still standing. And doing exactly what I love doing. Every. Single. Day. *nods*

    Now get some sleep, woman! (Yeah, yeah. Easier said than done. What planet effects sleep? It must be in serious retrograde or some such shit.)