Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Update - Week 19

Well, here we are again.  Or some of us are here and some are at the RT Convention in new Orleans.  I'm here, of course.  Tada!

Okay, as for what happened last week, let's start with the writing, k?

I wrote six out of the last seven days.  Friday became a day off when I realized I wasn't sure where the story was going.  (I still wasn't sure by Saturday, but I knew I had to write, so I slapped down 1852 words of what I believe is hot mess.)  Six days of writing netted me 9188 words.  Bringing my count for the month of May to 12736 and my total for this book to 21408.  Like I said, it's a hot mess.  Like a huge canvas someone spewed ten different colors of paint at.  It's kinda gross looking right now, if you ask me.  Lucky for me, this can all be fixed in editing. 

In gardening news, the hydrangea I thought died an ignoble death shortly after I planted it has made a decision to live by sending shoots out away from the dead crap currently sticking out of the ground.  Lucky for it, I noticed BEFORE I pulled what could've easily been a weed.  I've decided to name it Lazarus.  Also, the crepe myrtle I transplanted from the middle of the front yard that I was pretty sure was half dead is making a miraculous recovery as well.

On the home improvement front, we'll be starting the plumbing project this week.  Even as I type, Hubs is hard at work laying everything out on paper, so he knows what he needs and where it all goes.  (I say 'we' but he's the one doing the work.  I'm just here in case he needs help.)  So, to that end, I helped him clear out the crap in the crawl space under the house.  I also stood in a plumbing supply store for ninety minutes while he discussed Pex and how to install it with a dude.  Not a huge trial on my part because I found out they had replacement rubber stopper things for my kitchen disposal, new hardware for my bathroom sink stopper, a floor register that actually fits my weird bathroom (a size no one else had in stock, btw), and clear caulk so I can lay a bead in a few oplaces that never got caulked. 

Like I said, I'm here very obviously not going to the RT thingie.  What I'm doing instead is a Facebook thing that Kerry Schafer cooked up called the 'Not Going to NOLA Party Page'.  A bunch of writers (and readers, too, I think) are kinda hanging out online.  So far, it's been fun.  If you're interested at all, let me know so I can send you an invite.

What have you been up to this past week? 


  1. I've been taking Candace Havens' Fast Draft class, and have written every day for more than 2 weeks. Sometimes it's hand writing in my notebook, but I've stayed in that world for 2 weeks. And my WIP is up to almost 25K.

    Gardening: I'm hiring someone to come in and clean up the landscaping. :)

    1. Kerrie, Candace's class is awesome. I sat in on her panel at RWA one year and she really helped me write down and dirty. As B.E. said above, no matter how ugly it is, you can always fix it in edits. If you don't have anything written, there's nothing to fix. ;)

  2. Sounds like you're making great progress, keep up the good work!

    I finished a draft and have spent a lot of time working on edits for another project (boy I messed that story up, lol).

    My pair of crotons were dying (one dropped every single one of its leaves) so I moved one pot into my screened porch and transplanted the bare one to my garden plot. Now they're both sprouting lots of new growth, hurrah!

  3. Hooray for your word count! You're hot this week, not a hot mess. ;-)

    And yay for the plants that decided to survive!

    After my visiting family left, I stalled out, writing wise. Just now I hate my novel, and everything about it. I'll get over myself in a few days, I'm sure. So instead I'm working on my nonfiction, which was badly ignored while I loved my novel. :-)

  4. I have a few revisions on one project to do before Ms. Editor 1.0 and I get down to brass tacks on it and then it'll be Candace's "Fast Draft" down and dirty to get the next Harlequin project finished by July 21. If I get it done early, I can get on some of my personal projects hanging out there in Plot Land. ;)

    Yardwork? What's that? *looks all guilty and stuff* I believe in letting my yard naturalize. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!