Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Irises

Since I keep talking about my irises, I thought I'd take some pics to share...

First, here's what the iris bed looked like last August:

And here's what it looks like now:

I didn't move this next bunches of irises, but I tidied their bed up and this year they're blooming... WHITE!

I'll take more pics after they open.  But I'm totally jazzed.  (And if you look close, you can see the azaleas I moved last year in front of and behind the irises.  They still look haggard, but they're working on it.)

Update: The white ones bloomed overnight. I'll post pics once the sun comes around to highlight them.  =o)


  1. Beautiful, B.E. - what a difference beside the garage :)

  2. Irises always make a place look so elegant. I love that pop of color by all that concrete.

  3. I adore irises! Yours are just gorgeous!

    Mine are suffering from the drought and last year's grasshoppers, poor things. I hope they'll bloom better next year.