Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Update - Week 20

Twenty weeks into the year.  Wow.  Where did they go?? 

Anyway, time flies when you're growing older.  Fun or not.  The older you get the faster time goes.  Remember when we were kids and the summer seemed to last forever, or it was forever until Christmas?  But I digress...

This was a slacker week for me on the writing front.  I missed two days - Friday because I was freakin' pooped, and Saturday because I couldn't figure out where the story's going yet and I have a weird feeling I lost the path again.  I still got 7200 words out, but I'm way behind for the month.  I expect I'll make it up and still reach my 44K, though, so no worries.  I'll worry when it's May 30th and I only have one day left with 6K left to go.  ;o)

Speaking of the number 44, it's my birthday.

In reading news, I've been re-reading a favorite of mine.  It's Elfstones of Shannara by Terry Brooks, and is the second book in the Shannara series.  But I read it first, and it was so awesome that the first and third books paled by comparison - thus making me not read the rest of the series.  It reads as well now as it did the first time I read it back in 1983.  (I know the year because King of Pain by The Police was new on the radio and will forever be merged in my head with this book.)  And even though I know the end, I'm still gonna cry. I cry every time.

In home improvement news, Hubs finished putting all the plumbing in yesterday and we have water everywhere we're supposed to have water.  (And no place where we're not.)  If you're thinking about doing any plumbing work, I really recommend the Pex tubing and the Sharkbite* brand supplies.  The stuff is awesome.  Hubs did our whole 1500+ square foot, 2.5 bathroom house pretty much by himself in just under 3 days.  He's so cool and I'm so proud of him.

Anyway, today, I'll be in and out whilst having birthiversary fun** so if your comment doesn't post right away, don't worry.  I'll get to it one of the times when I'm in rather than out. 

How did your Week 20 go? 

*Yes, Mack the Knife has indeed been looping through my head off and on since we started the project.  Why do you ask?

**Last year for my birthiversary, I went antiquing.  =o)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a lovely day!

    You and my mum are roughly a month apart in age =) She turns 44 on June 14th!

    I've been very busy this past week. I've been writing, critiquing, and editing like a madwoman. I've also been reorganizing our tiny kitchen (one of the numerous downsides to living in a townhouse with zero storage) and I've also gone through my cleaning supplies bin. Yesterday I went through our recipes and organized/printed them out, so now they're all pretty. Hubby also fixed my elliptical, so I'll get to do that again. I'm sure there were lots of other things, but that's what my sleepy Sunday morning brain can remember, LOL!

    1. Thanks bunches, Nat. It was a lovely day. =o)

      LOL, yep, I am literally old enough to be your mother. That said, 1970 was an awesome year to be born and I'm in good company. ;o)

      Wow, sounds like you were super busy. Made me tired just reading everything you accomplished. Go you!

  2. Happy Birthday, B.E.! Have fun gallivanting!

    Hooray for having water! That's a lot of plumbing in three days. You have a talented husband.

    Now I need to reread Elfstones. It's been years (decades?) since I looked at it. I loved it way back then.

    This has been a good week for my nonfiction, but nothing on my novel. But I think I figured out why I'm stuck, so I'll go poke at it again.

    1. Thanks, Deb! We did have fun. It was a lovely morning here and perfect for a lazy drive.

      Definitely re-read. It's one of those books that holds up over time.

      Yay for your non-fic! And I'm sure whatever you figured out will get you unstuck. i hope your poking went well. ;o)

  3. Happy belated birthday! I'm on the road again and my internet connection is hit or miss.

    Hope there was cake!

    1. Thanks, Maria! I hope whatever has you on the road again is at least productive.

      There was cheesecake and mini-cupcakes. It was awesome. =o)

  4. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY you awesomesauce crazypants you! I was hiding from the internet this weekend devouring someone else's words. This week is all about my words. Maybe. *looks shifty-eyed* Here's hoping you find a road map!