Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hi all!  How the hell are ya?  Whatcha been up to lately?

Around here, I've been semi-busy working on the genealogy project.  Yesterday, I got the family tree back to the Salem Witch Trials - where my 8th great grandfather was a juror.  (Stupid bastard.) 

On a break from that, I took my camera and took pictures out in the surrounding area.  Got some really awesome shots of a bird I called Unknown Shorebird.  After some research I changed his name to Greater Yellowlegs.  A new bird to add to my lifelist.  Yay!  Plus I got some shots that are definitely worth framing.  Score!

I've also been reading - albeit not at the same rate as last month.  Hooo-eee, I read a lot last month.  Made my eyes go all squonky on me.  I definitely ought to invest in some glasses.  Either that or :gasp: stop reading so much. Perish the thought.

And most importantly, I've gotten back to writing again.  I'm not saying what I'm working on because I don't want to jinx it.  I will just say that as of last night I'm over 6K on it.  Which is more words than I've written in one stretch since like January. 

So, Spectacle readers, whazzup?  Got any news?  Been doing anything fun? 


  1. You make me laugh!

    Your great (x8) grandfather was a juror at the Salem Witch trials? That's so cool!

  2. I have been editing. Not super fun, but not too bad either. Getting ready to query. Now that'll be loads of fun. Note the dripping sarcasm...

  3. Hehehe your posts always put me in a better mood.

    I've just been doing the usual: writing, wedding, and house hunting. LOL.