Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Getting Ready to Bloom

With the first iris of the season slowly getting ready to bloom, I'm forcing myself to turn away from the blahs of winter.  Because, let's face it, I've let myself go.  I haven't been keeping up with the blog, I haven't been writing, I haven't been exercising.  Hell, I haven't even been cleaning.  (Lucky for me, my husband has been too busy himself to care.) Enough is enough.

Time to stop laying on the couch, watching Grey's Anatomy reruns and eating whatever I can find to stuff in my face.  Time to create TO-DO lists and then actually DO them.  Yep, it's time to pull my head out of my special place and get to work.

Like the iris, it's time to make with the blossoming already.


  1. That picture is so...expectant! Love the sharpness in contrast to the unfocused background. Is it one of yours, B.E.? Beautiful!

    And great post - you and me both, my friend! Good luck with the To Do Lists - and the accomplishing of items on said To Do list!!

  2. Yep. It's one of mine. Thanks for loving it. =o)

    Thanks for the luck wishes, and good luck to you, too. I know we both need a little luck this year.