Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back on Track. Kinda.

Hi all.  First off, thanks for stopping by and continuing to hang in there when I haven't been the most consistent blogger.  Also, welcome to the new stalkers... errr, followers.  I hope you enjoy stopping by.

Well, I might not be consistent in my blogging, but I'm pretty consistent in my yearly mid-winter slacking.  For those of you who haven't been here over the years, I get my very own case of S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) after the start of the new year.  I try to write.  I do write.  Unfortunately, most of what I write sucks hard.

But this is April.  Spring is in the air (even if it did snow/slush last night) and I'm finally pulling my head out of whatever orifice it's been residing.  I started back to work.  I even feel good about the words I've put down so far.  Life is good and all that jazz.

As for the 'kinda', I have been working, but I've also caught the genealogy bug again this year.  For the next month, I'll be climbing the old family tree to see what I can find swinging from the branches.  Last year I discovered cousins who married each other, and a tenuous link to Mary, Queen of Scots.  Wonder what I'll find this time around.  I'm still looking for the rumored link to President Zachary Taylor, so maybe that'll be it.  I just wish I read German so I could figure out my father's paternal branch.  Great Grandpa Auguste was in the Franco-Prussian war (on the Prussian side), but he's also the first one here, so the records in English stop with him.

How are things going in your work?  Got anything fun distracting you?  Ever caught the genealogy bug?


  1. I'm the most distracted off track person I know. I start something then another thing catches my eye and I'm off in hot pursuit.
    Genealogy is one of my interests. I've tracked our family back through several generations but that's as far as I got. It's interesting and hard to quit once I start.
    I'm working on the second book in my VADA FAITH series, titled SWEET BABY JAMES. I write mainstream or women's fiction.
    I also suffer from depression, some in winter, some other times.
    Best wishes with what you are working on today! Barb

  2. Love genealogy. My favorite ancestor? Susannah Martin, one of the first women to be tried and executed as a witch at the Salem Witch Trials. I descend from both of her daughters because, yep, cousins married!

  3. I'm glad you're getting out of your slump =) I find the arrival of spring always helps with writing blues.

    My story is coming along nicely. Not as quickly as I'd like, but I'll settle for the pace I'm going =)

    I adore family histories. My aunt has our family mapped out all the way back to the 1200s. She used to work for the government, so she had access to files that are normally difficult to come by. We have a lot of French pirates and Scottish nobles in our line ;)

    My dad's family (he isn't my actual biological dad) has traced their family history back to the Roman Period (his aunts are mormon... which should explain a lot lol).

  4. You know I haven't been a consistent blogger, either! It happens.

    Someone in my family researched our ancestors once, and some trace back to Mongolia. Thought that was kinda cool.

  5. So glad to hear you're back at it, B.E.!

    As for the family history - I started some stuff when my mom was here and met some long lost relatives on FB (they live in Argentinia of all places - family ties from a great, great uncle who went from Scotland to Argentinia as a missionary!). I started mapping it out, but what a lot of work. I have too many other projects - so I let it slide!

    And can I say how cool it is, Stacy, that your ancestor was one of the first women to be executed as a witch! A story waiting to be told, eh?

  6. How cool that you're researching your family! Mine has no records past two generations, so for all I know, Ghengis Khan was my great great great etc uncle.

  7. That's so cool that you're climbing through the family tree! :) I wish I knew more about mine.