Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Chocolate Savoring, Ham Inhaling, Family Togethering, Mind Relaxing Bunny Day

No matter what you believe, have a great day today.

And if you're celebrating Easter, save some ham for me.  ;o)


  1. Heheheh, cute picture!!! =)

    Happy Easter!!

  2. Happy Easter! We're getting ready to leave for our 4th (and final) Easter dinner - I may not want ham again for awhile!

  3. Happy Easter (a day late), B.E.! Hope you had a wonderful time. We were out at friends', so we have no leftover ham (I may have to buy a ham just to have it in the house - I love leftover ham).

    Did your daughter come home for Easter? Or will you celebrate it later once she's done her term (which should be soon, right?)? I hope you managed to get some chocolate, though (am eating my chocolate eggs right now - mmmmm)!!