Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wicked Awesome Author Wednesday

In an effort to, once again, have a regular event on The Writing Spectacle, I've decided to make Wednesdays a day to celebrate a particular author I know, I love or both.

This week's WAA (Wicked Awesome Author) is my friend JB Lynn

JB hit the ground running yesterday with the ebook release of Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic Hitwoman.  (Paperback due out next month.)  So, what better person to start off the WAAW with...

First off, I have to admit I haven't read her latest release yet.  I bought the e-version for Kindle (I don't own a Kindle, but I have the nifty 'puter program Kindle for PC.) yesterday, and it's set to be my next read.  I did read the first chapter - which she posted on Scribd - last week and then spent the days between then and now twisting in the wind to see what happens next.  (I just have to finish what I'm reading right now first.) 

From that preview and the snippets I've read - as well as knowing JB is an incredibly talented person - I know this book is going to rock.  After all, it's got a gal - Maggie - who gets squeezed into the job of hitwoman by circumstance.  It's got a less-than-shining knight in the form of a cop who helps her learn the ropes.  And, of course, it's got a snarky talking lizard who's kid named him Godzilla, but he prefers the nickname God.  Yeah, I'm so there.

Look for more about JB as she stops by here for a guest post sometime next week.  Until then, get your questions ready for her and for petesakes, go get a copy of her book.  It's only $3.99.  And if you enjoy that, go back and pick up a copy of her first book - The First Victim (which I reviewed here).  It's a great introduction to this Wicked Awesome Author.

Oh, and if you like fun and snarky tweets, go follow @NeuroticTweets - where JB posts thoughts from Maggie and God.

Now, enough gushing.  Go buy her stuff and enjoy yourselves.  It'll totally be worth it.

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